The Broody Breaker Cage

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    May 29, 2011
    This was such a success! AND Rosey is laying again after about a week of getting out of confinement. I used my dog crate, placed wire mesh on the floor of the cage (the holes were too big for her to stand on somewhat comfortably), raised it about a foot off the floor, put food and water inside (she perched on the food bucket so I put in a small bowl, I did put a perching stick in for a short time but she was still able to cool her jets) and lefter her there day and night for 2 days. She grazed beautifully all day then she went back to brooding in a laying box that evening before the other girls came in to perch, I put her directly into the cage and left her there all night. I took out the next day and she never went broody again. Today, about 5 days since last being in the broody breaker cage she is laying eggs again! Yay...for things that really work, I am grateful to anyone who put this idea up so I could find it and try it.

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