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    or Oisian's home for unwanted chickens.

    I wanted to keep chickens. My friends breeds chickens. I ordered some chickens and built a hoop coop. Sounds simple eh?
    Well, chicken math hit me hard. We do have meat birds each year from a different source, but my girls were for eggs and to be spoiled and pampered. A neighbour had adopted some hens from a lady who moved away to a non-chicken friendly space and they just weren't doing well with her existing flock. Purportedly older hens that were no longer reliable layers. Could I have them in my currently empty coop? Sure. Almost every day I would get up and there would be a new chicken in a crate in the middle of my chicken run. Sort of like chicken math Christmas.

    This young lady arrived with a completely mangled leg. Apparently a dog crushed her. A spitzhauben x, she is friendly, smart and she lays lovely teeny weeny white eggs.

    These two girls arrived together. they are not inclined to lay eggs, and instead inspect every new item or object that comes into 'their' house and complain loudly about it.
    The flock grew and I considered getting a rooster to keep the girls in hand. Lo and behold I see an ad for some cockerels from an Ameraucana breeder and I investigated. Instead of buying the black one, I came home with a lovely Blue that I adopted because he is virtually blind. I have to make sure he can find his food and his water bowl, by putting them in the same place all the time. I can tell that he can see a little because he does avoid obstacles and it seems that he has no depth perception at all. He head butts his food and water bowls a few times until he has worked out where the edges are. He has a fantastic temperament and can be held. My older girls are happy and suddenly I am getting 3 or so eggs a day. We named him Johnny [after the Depp] because the girls love him.
    Now I have to build a new coop for the original chickens that I bought and will be receiving in spring. 3 polish and some EE's.

    Next up...two Saanen goats will be coming in the next couple of weeks. It snows a lot here, so I needed a cold hardy breed. One wether and one doe. Mango and Pancake are 8 months old and lovable bottle fed '3 year olds in goat suits.' That will be fun, I'm starting a chart to see how much trouble they get into. I have been warned extensively about goats and their Houdini impressions. All my neighbours have goats that have visited me regularly, so turnabout is fair play....


    I'll add further adventures as they happen.
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    Good post!
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    Loved reading about your chickens and those 2 little goats are adorable. Thanks for sharing them with us! [​IMG]

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