the Bull and the Rooster

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    When i was around 5 we lived in Oklahoma near alot of my extended family. My great grandfather "Papa Alexander" raised all his own meat: pigs, cattle, sheep, and chickens. As long as you stayed out of his pasture the bull was the sweetest thing you ever saw.... if you crossed the fence god hell you though. Papa put a sign on his pasture" If you want to cross this pasture you'd better do it in under 7 seconds... the bull can do it in 8.
    The rooster and bull somehow became friends and they were always near each other or the rooster was on the bulls back and horns. It went this way for several months and it was a sight to see the rooster perched on the bulls back. Well it came time to take the bull to the butcher..... the rooster wasn't happy. When Papa and 5 of his son's tried to load the bull in the shoot the rooster started attacking them.. when you have your eye on a bull a rooster can be very mean. Well the bull broke down the shoot when on of the boy's got a hold of the rooster. So now loose in the yard is a very ticked off bull trying to free his friend the rooster and 7 grown men running and jumping to get away from the bull and running around the Papa's old chevy truck. Someone gets the wild idea to get the bull to chase them into the trailer and then he'd duck out the escape door. First time the rooster was in the trailer and came out fighting...well he almost didn't see the bull coming after after him so he didn't get to go in the trailer. At this point the rooster is crowing like mad and riding on the bulls back while he chases everyone around the yard again. This went on for 2 hours and to the delight of everyone in the house it was the funniest thing any of us had ever seen, by that time Papa had joined us in the house, trusting his boys could handle that ol bull. After 6 tries they finally get the bull trapped in the trailer and 3 of the boys go to get in the was a warm day and the windows were down on the truck and no one thought anything of it... once all 3 got in the truck the rooster woke up, so 3 grown men plus a ticked off rooster in the cab of a 1950 chevy truck. By this time no one in the house can hardly see because we are laughing so hard tears are falling.
    Papa never named an animal he was raising for food... he said it didn't set right with him to name a meal. I spent some time with my grandfather this week and that to this day is one of his favorite stories to tell, he's alot more adamant about it than i am probably because he was one of the boys being chased by the rooster and the bull. Every time they would go after one, the other would get them.
    I told Pop( my grandfather) that I'd share this story with alot of new friends i have met thru BYC and he really liked that idea so i just anted to share a bit of humor. I still have a lot of family in Oklahoma all over from tulsa/broken arrow area down to chickasha where my lil brother was born, and i my dad was born in verden.
    With the freak tornado in OK yesterday i hope all the Okie BYCer's are doing well.
    Lol doubt I've typed this much if you added all my other posts up together. I ramble on sometimes it comes from growing up around alot of Okies and Texans i think lol
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    What a great story!! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall!!! [​IMG]

    Wayne in Tennessee
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    lol i was in the house looking out the window, i might have been 5 years old at the most.
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    cool story,thanks for sharing! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thanks for the laugh this morning.

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