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Feb 16, 2017

Ok, the toad came back to the run. I guess it likes hanging out here with Sophie at night!


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May 7, 2020
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I got a question, and it’s a long shot. Is it possible to litter train an 8 year old rabbit? I get the feeling Sophie needs more interaction, so I am thinking about bringing her inside sometime.


All you need is a large cat sized litter box (or low storage tub), some paper based or pelleted litter (avoid cat litter since it has clay which can be fatal if ingested), and some hay.
Just place the litter box in the corner of her enclosure. If she's pees outside of it then just clean it up with deodorizing cleaning spray, and if she poops outside of it jus put them in the box. Rabbits usually catch on pretty quickly and will use a litter box just as well as a cat.

I recommend using a large wire dog playpen for her enclosure. That will be ale to provide enough space for hide houses, toys, a large litter box, and food and water dishes while still allowing space for play. These are usually only around $30 on Amazon, and you can often find used ones for sale.

And if you let her free roam the house (which I would absolutely do, since it provides lots of exercise and enrichment), then be sure to bunny proof well. Keep wires off the ground and protected (home improvement stores often have cord protectors) and block off spaces you don't wat her going to. Baby gates, C&C grids, and wire playpen can work well. And obviously things like shoes, bags, kids toys, etc should be kept out of reach.

Its recommended that you provide at least 4 hours of free roaming time a day for proper exercise, enrichent, play, and bonding. 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening often works well for most people and is when the rabbit will be most active. Though since rabbits are usually pretty chill during the day, a lot of people let them free roam all day long.


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