The CA Pekin Pals: Rescued and Ready for a Home!


Aug 30, 2020
Sacramento, CA, USA
Hey there ducky folks!

I know this isn't the rehoming forum, but I am reaching out to you because I know how much we all LOVE DUCKS!

I'm posting here in the hopes that there is a duck lover amongst you who might be interested in providing a home to three Pekin ducks we rescued that we found abandoned at a local pond. There are 2 females, and 1 male. I think they're still pre-laying age, and they are a tightly bonded trio who gets along with other ducks and chickens.

They were so sad when we found them (dehydrated, wet-feather, bumblefoot, you name it...), but with good care and treatment they are like new ducks now! :jumpy.
I put together a little slideshow of their story HERE. Please check it out if you want to see pictures of their transformation or, even better, if you're interested in giving them a place to call home! We would love to keep them, but our coop is at capacity; we simply don't have the room.

Please, please consider adding the Pekin Pals to your ducky flock. We are in West Sacramento in Northern California. If you're not nearby, maybe you can share this with any duck loving friends in my neck of the woods? I will provide a small kiddie pool for them as well as some of the food they've been eating. Oh! And if the females are still at the end stages of their bumblefoot recovery, I'll also send them with their protective shoes. I just really, really want them to get a wonderful home where they'll be take care of. :fl

Thank you!!!


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