~The Caped buffalo Empire~

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    In the forrest of the hoofed animals lived a very statured rank of Caped buffalo they all lived in peace and matrimony until one sudden morning: Everything was fine until they started becoming restless because of the drought, there hadn't been rain for 2 whole weeks, tempers flared with one another until the brake happened,

    2 very powerful head leaders clashed against each other inflicting blood and bruising. The rest of the herd silently watched in horror.. The battle went on for 2 whole days until the winner was finally standing and the looser on the ground, batter and bloody the looser slinked away with 5 females and was exiled.. the winner had access to all the rest of the females. After the winner was proclaimed victory and was called the king for now…. [​IMG]
    Later tons of the females went in search for the looser due to the meanness and cruelty that they suffered under their new selfish ruler. Finally they found him secretly trying to rise up in numbers to take revenge and win over the once plentiful and lush territory that they both shared together

    [​IMG]<<<<<<< The looser stands on his dry grassy landscape, and has too travel a mile for fresh water.
    [​IMG]<<<<<<<<< The Sedonians Empire- this empire has the best food and resources and are grimy,selfish,mean,cruel.. But they have many enemies

    *No cussing
    *All BYC Rules apply
    *Keep RP PG
    *Mating and birthing- No detail
    *keep all rules that I would expect ya'll to keep

    Lead Male: He is in charge, generally keeping at the front on the line leading
    Lead female: She is next in line behind the lead male
    Warriors: The warriors take up the rear and signal any trouble for the male leader- 4 in herd
    Member's: these are what make up the herd and are good for defense against foals. By getting in a tight circle around the baby's

    Loner's: these are the loner's generally males and they want to be left alone or are trying to steal another bulls ladies


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