The Case for Sex Linked Crosses/Hybrids?


May 30, 2020
What is the case for sex linked crosses for laying hens?

I *did* search the forums before asking this if someone wants to direct me to some reading etc. I found a lot of nuisances about things people like about a particular cross and obviously they are easier to sex when hatched đź‘Ť

Cornish Rock crosses? Totally get that.

But are there crosses that are more prolific layers than, say, white leghorns?

Just trying to get my head around what I want for my next flock being as I am exceedingly happy and proud of my white leghorns.

Thanks in advance all,


Crossing the Road
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Sep 29, 2014
New Zealand
The only benefit for sex linked crosses is being able to guarantee pullets, and for commercial operations, not putting effort and resources and money into raising roosters that are of no use. The poor boys are culled at hatch, often dropped live into a mincer (which is horrible but that's the reality).

Production type sex links may be slightly better producers than leghorns but they are prone to issues around egg laying and often have a shorter lifespan because of this. They often burn out pretty quickly as well, so I personally think leghorns are the better option.

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