The chick that wouldn't die

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    :(Last week I accidentally dropped a an eggon top of another of my eggs in the incubator. My horrible clumsy fingers. The first egg had only been in the incubator for a few days and was dripping, so that poor chicky had no chance. [​IMG] But the second egg was cracked all the way around and was 14 days into incubation.[​IMG] The poor egg look like it had been clumsily unzipped.

    I candled the little crushed egg, and could see the baby chick inside alive and moving. So I lit a candle and poured hot wax all the way around on the the crack. When the wax cooled, I put the baby back in to the incubator and talked some soothing words to her. (It's okay, your going to make it.)

    Last night, the baby chick started to hatch.[​IMG] I of course was worried about all that wax and tried to strip the wax away, only to end of with dripping blood.[​IMG] This chick has no luck. So I packed wet cotton balls around the dewaxed spots, making sure to leave the air hole free, and the bleeding stopped. Then I came back every couple of hours and added a little water to the cotton balls so she wouldn't dry out.

    Somehow, the baby hatched alive.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] She's a cute little barred rock chickie. (yeah) I say she, because I really hope that she's a she since she has now been added to the keep list. But if she's a he, then I end up with an extra rooster. This chicken either has the worst or the best luck in the world.

    I really wish I had a working camera. Just imagine a cute little black and white chick who now has a drop of blue Kote on her. ( It's an spray for animal injuries that leaves a blue stain, I put it on her so I can tell her apart from the others.[​IMG])
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    Wow!! Shes a fighter!

    Sounds like YOU did everything right too... [​IMG]
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    go baby chickie!
  4. HorseFeatherz NV

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    [​IMG] little fighter! Welcome to the world.


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