The Chicken Diary.

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Today my girls are all acting their usual selves.
The hens pick the pullets, the light Brahma pulley is pecking the rest.:rolleyes::D
I think my EE is broody! But I don't have a rooster:( I might get some eggs from Trader Joe's or Whole foods and let her hatch them though!:D I can't wait till my pullets start laying! :celebrateAlso I might get a barred rock rooster!
Hello Sarah,

Today my chickens are good.
My Brahma's are funny, they run and jump everywhere!

Last night, I was feeding them and I unlocked the door...
Before even a minute, I turned around and the four of them were let loose!

Everybody is good today, trouble makers, but good!
How is everybody today for you? :D


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