The chicken keepers dozen

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    Apr 30, 2009
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    After the 3rd time my roomie helped me set eggs in my attempt to replace my dear BLRW pullet snatched by a hawk he asked me:
    "....So..... is there a sort of.... chicken-keeper's dozen... or something? I mean one that is a different number?"
    "Not that I know of." I replied "why do you ask?"
    "well because this is the third time you've ordered eggs from people who keep chickens."
    "and each time you asked for a half dozen..." I nod for him to continue, "and each time they sent you eight!"
    I thought about it. "Yes. I suppose there IS a chicken keeper's dozen. Sixteen. As in I only have a dozen chickens plus two. As in the 30 chicks I got were less than two dozen...I think this unique way of counting would be appreciated on BYC!"
    So there it is. How many 'dozen' do you have? Makes it sound way more reasonable. And heck, if Bakers get their own dozen, why can't we?

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