The chicken throat with growths, anatomy of the bird

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    Nov 17, 2010
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    I have a barred rock gal that was given to me several months ago. Quite a nice one actually. No clue of her age. Her bones in her backside feel like there is enough for eggs to pass (at least two fingers wide) and I think she used to lay, but isn't now. She is a very nice bird, did I mention that, bigger than the other ones I have. But age, she could be an old mamma.

    She has had what I would call a gurgly breathing for about a month. I left her to get better on her own and she hasn't. It sounds like she might have had a cold. but with no symptoms of illness. After seeing that she was not improving, I separated her and gave her some tylan for three days, just in case it was an infection. No improvement.

    Yesterday I was watching her closely, as I was sitting on a milk crate in the chickenyard. She is not sick, as I said, she is eating fine, pooping fine, no one else has any symptoms of anything wrong. She just gurgles and opens her mouth wide, odd, I have thought of gapeworm, but only one chicken, not likely me thinks.

    Ever looked deep down into a chicken throat while the throat is wide open.

    It is the most interesting thing.

    This gal, as I said opens her mouth really wide and then closes it. It would seem to me like gapeworm, from what I have heard and read, but what I saw makes me think otherwise. Presently this flock of birds has not had free ranging options yet. They are in their chicken yard, receive scratch once a day and free feeding of layer pellets.

    I was sitting infront of her. She was looking at me, she loves me, she is a friendly gal and she opened her mouth. WIDE. I mean so wide that I could see right down into the very back of that long and very wide throat.

    What I saw made me really look even more closely.

    On the left side of her throat (remember, she opened her mouth so wide and was straight at me, this was simple), I could see some kind of growths, they were white in colour, kind of roundish and there were several. I think this is what is making the sound. The air/moisture of the throat moving around these growth things.

    Ever seen or heard of this? I am stumped and thought I would put forth this information here to know if anyone else have ever looked down a big wide chicken throat before. I was amazed at how wide the throat actually is, I would think she could have swallowed a cob size marble if she wanted to. Speak your mind here, let me hear what you all think, smiling. Have a wonderful day, CynthiaM.

    I dont' think I could get a picture, unless someone else forces her mouth as wide open as she was displaying to me.....
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    Sounds like it may be canker. The cure for this can be found at places that handle meds for Pigeons as it is common with them. Foy's is the one that comes to mind. But you will probably have to check local suppliers.
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    I have a 1 y/o black sex link that, today, started opening her mouth wide as if something stuck in throat - in between, she eats, drinks, poops normal. Any suggestions?
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    I agree, it sounds like canker. Bad stuff....It is contageous and birds remain carriers. Treatment is metronidazole (fishzole) pills...250mg a day x 5 days.

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