The Chicken Tractor 101 and the Chick-N-Barn + Yard

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    I built a "playhouse" coop from scrap wood. I just looked at the pictures and went from there. You can get roofing tin from Lowe's for $8. I got everything except the tin & wire from Freecycle.
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    Hi chickenbike!

    Skip and I purchased the Chick-N-Barn/Yard last May, when we realized we wouldn't have the maion coop and run finished before it was time to move our 6 week old chicks outdoors.

    After checking prices at a couple places, we decided to contact Ware Mfg directly and were able to get the shipping costs down since they have a plant in TN.

    We're happy with it. We love building things together but at the time, Skip was working 60 hours a week, leaving little time to build. We were able to assemble it in one day, including building a frame to set it up on.


    You can see more pix of the building process on our Teacup Pterodactyl Townhouse page.

    Once we got the main coop/run finished, we moved all the birds over to it and left our 5 Silkies in the's perfect for them since they're Banties but it would be cramped for 5 standard breeds.

    Hope this helps!

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    Dawn, I really like that you added the extension below and raised the barn. I will have minimum 3, maximum 5 standard breed hens. Did you add a wood floor, wire floor, or combination?

    Our problem with the playhouse coop is buying such a small amount of roofing tin (we live in a small town with no big box stores).

    Ignore the flooring question!.........I read through your homepage, thanks!
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    I just came from Lowe's. They have a really cool doghouse "Dog Cottage" that would make a great coop. One side actually lifts up. Would be east to retro-fit with a nest box and perches. Perfect for someone with 3-4 chickens. Plus it's only $185!!!
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    Dawn, I have that same No Trespassing sign on my back door!! Love it!!! [​IMG]
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