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    my broody B.O. refused to eat or drink for 2 DAYS!!! When i put her in the 'broody buster'.... so i relented, and gave her her own crate area in the coop. She has been broody (and i kept taking the eggs) for about 3 days, and as of today, i am letting her keep any eggs she steals. how many should I limit her to? Since she didn't collect a big number all at once, will the hatch be all a jumble? What do I have to do (in vermont) to make sure that it all goes well? I have never, ever had anything hatch... ever, and I am very concerned that I will mess up somehow.
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    Ideally the eggs should be set on all at the same time. If you have any that you have collected that have not been washed or refridgerated you could go ahead and give them to her. I wouldn't give her more than 7 or 8, so she would surely be able to keep them warm. You shouldn't have to do anything to make sure they hatch, since she is in an enclosed building. She will probably keep the babies inside for the most part. I have one broody with a 2 week old chick that has never left the barn with it, since it has been so nasty/rainy/snowy lately. The hen knows what to do. Just make sure there are no drafts, but since she is in the coop, she should be just fine.

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