The Chickie Boys go to church


11 Years
Jun 18, 2008
Lennon, Michigan
The five bantam chickie boys that lived in the little coop at our house are now three. The buff and the blue bantams have gone to live with an assortment of other animals where they will get lots of treats and love.

Yesterday the 2 chickie boys were transported to their new home via a friend who was going to choir practice and was delivering them to their new owner there. She took the chickie boys into the church and into the pastor's study, where he kindly performed the Blessing of the Animals in honor of St. Francis Day coming up soon, dubbing them Foghorn and Leghorn. (Apparently the pastor is not experienced with Cochin Bantams).

After the ceremony, the chickie boys went to choir practice and enjoyed the music. In fact they enjoyed it so much that they chimed in crowing when the music stopped. Apparently they charmed the choir, but I do not think they will be invited for a performance. Bye, Chickie Boys! Enjoy your new life!

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