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    So, the story to this point.

    Chicken math attacked and 25 day old Rainbow layers were ordered from McMurray born on Sept 28th. Plus a bonus rare, plus 2 extras for no apparent reason. So, 28 chicks. They have all lived. We muddled through the first few weeks, but that many chickens had to be thrown out of the house pretty quick. So, they ended up in the dog mahal.


    Well, displacing the Collies is only a temporary thing, the chicks needed permanent outdoor digs.

    So, we just got the chicken coop finished. After reading much here and considering my budget, I wanted to go big because that seemed to be the #1 regret here. And, even though 28 chicken is already a lot. Chicken math will strike again. "If you build it they will come."

    So, below is the coop.


    It is a PVC hoop house based on greenhouse plans, saved a lot of money of roof and walls. The foundation is 4x4 sunk in 12" of concrete with a 2x6 in a level perimeter around the edge to attach the PVC. I leveled the base rather than attempting to level the very unlevel ground. Below the anchor level the open areas were covered with painted OSB and 2x6 I found in the cull bin at Home Depot. Roosts and nest boxes will be constructed from mostly cull lumber as well.

    In another money saving maneuver we are going with deep litter on dirt. Floors cost money, and I would be composting anyways because the wine grapes and vegetable garden will need fertilizer. The plastic is 6mil UV resistant green house film. It is thick and strong. This might end up being a mistake using the clear, but it gives lots of light, and I expect in the summer the leafed out trees will moderate any heating.

    Predators? You might ask. There is a multi-pronged predator prevention.

    1) 5ft fence around yard, which they share with...
    2) Collies
    3) 1x2 welded wire buried around perimeter of coop.
    4) Uphills section has 4ft high of 1x2 welded wire on the inside to prevent the chickens from pecking the plastic and slow any predators that might get through plastic on that side. Because...
    5) Collies

    More pics on my BYC page. But, the next steps are roosts because the chicks seem to be getting to that point. Run because the Collies need to be acclimated to the chickens because when they are grown they will be free ranged in the yard, and will need guard Collies.

    When all is done I am expecting to be able to handle 50 chicken comfortably. I don't think we will reach that number, but we will see how many eggs we can sell.

    And, meet the guard collies.
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    Apr 13, 2010
    [​IMG] Nice coop! [​IMG] Nice Dog Mahal! [​IMG] Very Nice Guard Collies! Hopefully they will learn to guard the chickens and not eat them.[​IMG] Good thinking on the chicken math as it always seems to strike without warning! [​IMG]
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    Wow, you planned AHEAD for chicken math! I am impressed! I'm always playing catch-up....

    Your collies are gorgeous. I wanna scratch 'em on their chests and between their ears!

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