The chicks made it their first night outside in their new coop!


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I am so happy this morning to see the "girls" outside of the roosting room eating and running around. Last night was there first night outside in their new coop, the "girls" found their way up the ramp to the roosting room immediately. I was worried I was going to have to show them where it was. They are 7 weeks old and being a nervous mom I worried about them. But they made it. We have an automatic waterer hooked up to a hose and a big hanging food bowl. I went out to say good morning to them and hand fed them some grit and 2 of them came running up to me. Pearl, the White Leghorn is not very friendly and runs from me. But Lucy, a New Hampshire Red and Gladys, a Buff Orpington are both very friendly. That made me very happy!

Congrats! Isn't it delightful when they do something "big girl?". I always tell mine what big girls they are, as they demonstrate some new, positive behavior.

And leghorns are notoriously flighty and less affectionate to The Big Featherless Chickens Who Live In The Big Coop With All The Food.
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That is great! Last night was my crew's first night in their coop (so happy to get them out of my living room!) They were angry when I put them in there last night. I was so nervous about them spending the night alone outside I was up before they were. I peeked in and they were all still roosting looking half asleep. First sight of me and they hopped down and came out. They've been searching the yard for goodies ever since. I hope eventually they learn to go into the coop on their own. I convinced them with a cup full of grubs, but my grub population has been dwindling, so I need to find something else to entice them in with.

Yay for growing up chickies!
That is my worry also. If I let them out of the coop to run around I am afraid I won't be able to get them back in at night. Will they figure out where the coop is and go back to it on their own? I was planning on leaving them in the coop for awhile( couple of weeks) until they used to it being there home.
That will work to set it in their minds that this is where they are safest, and they will go in at night. You might have to gather up one or two for a couple nights (the slow ones) but they'll get it. And you might not need to keep them in nore than a week...
Thanks for the info. Today I opened the door to the coop and they all came out to play in the dirt. I was digging up the garden and they were following me looking for worms. It was so darn cute. They went in and out of the coop all afternoon on their own. Around 5pm they were all in the coop so I closed the door. It was alot easier than I thought it would be. They already know that the coop is their home.

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