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    We all know the lighting is the chicks pacifier and thay half to be broken and trained. Yesterday I had a idea on training them. I knew it had to be done because there getting real close to being put in the coop. So I tryed it on my 6 week old chicks. All I did is put a peace of card bored over half of there container now I had it half dark and half light. I did that yesterday. This morning I moved the card board and made it more dark than light. I stayed about three hours in my chick nursery on the couch. Yes I put a couch in with my chicks I love watching them do there thing. But any way about an hour after I moved the card board to chicks went over to the dark Well when I done my last check on them low and behold thay all was asleep so i went ahead and turned there light off and backed up and all I heard was silence. Even after I left I didn't hear a peep.

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    When chicks get old enough. . I use a timer.. so light only comes on at night when it's cold.. pretty soon after they don't even need that. Once feathered and old enough no light required.
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    that's right! [​IMG]

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