The Chronicles of Quilin

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    Vol. I

    The lovely polish pullet tree that throws dandelions out of windows! It's so nice that the first grader gave me it. Oh what a spot on a birdie that's on a raincloud! Perhaps he is vomiting. The world may never know. It's having a bad paint brush. BAD PAINT BRUSH!!! BAD!!! Alalalalala. Is anyone reading this stuff? AHAHAHAA a;lekhfgkajehglkjaehgl No, I'm not hyper on sugar or something. I don't get hyper on sugar. Strange. I get hyper on... myself. Yes, I am weird. Birds are weird... sometimes. Kiki is weird. Oh it's an orange pencil hopping on a silkie chicken! How nice it is that my beak is a printer. It can sharpen cacti and birds, and I got it when I was six. What a lovely present. Perhaps I only have half a beak. Hmm... let me think. It's a tree in a cemetery for EVIL. A giant staircase... for an eye of a bird. Aaaahh.

    Vomit. On a cone! Come get yours TODAY!! Only $6,546,546,546,846,513,546,843,513,216,579,846,546,531 without shipping and handling! Ah, me mustache! How lovely. Why is that tree blue? It's supposed to be purple. Wait, purple or yellow? Well, it's EVIL!

    Vol. II

    How nice it is that the ceiling fan exploded! I have had it for over 300 years. The Otterbox on my iPhone is the fourth color to have ever existed. I wonder what that blue lamp is for? It looks like a fax machine. OH MY GOODNESS there's a bear in that tomato tree! It looks like it's vomiting, but I'm not sure. How are printers made? Do they come from blue clouds? Ohhh my goodness. I let my dog outside this morning, and there's been a fog advisory across the continent since. oinfj;bngujb;jr;b;n;iofroi The stairs are cold. No, I don't want to take the elevator! The pizza still isn't here, Hannah! If it takes longer than 30 minutes, it's free! Don't answer the door!
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    You can only dream of beating C.S. Lewis...
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    The sacred text commands us to sacrifice CT.
    *Burns CT*
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