The Cochin and the Cat

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    Apr 11, 2011
    I have a special needs Cochin, Mary Belle. She's blind in one eye, and wasn't able to get enough food while living in the coop with her Cochin buddies. So, she's been living in the baby hutch for the past couple of weeks...alone. I felt bad that she was by herself and brought a friend up from the coop to keep her company. Well, that didn't go so well. There wasn't any picking, but her buddy wanted to be back at the coop with everyone else and would cry and cry and cry. So, back she went and poor Mary Belle was once again alone. I've been trying to spend as much time with her as I possibly can. Me and her are now a "flock" of two. So we go out a few times a day to free range and sunbathe and such. She sticks close to me and will follow me everywhere I go. Its really very precious. Over the last couple of days, we seem to have added another member to our little flock of misfits, my cat Pudge. Mary Belle ADORES Pudgey Wudgey, and he seems pretty fond of her too. He sleeps on a chair by her hutch, and last night he even jumped into the hutch with her. I'm not quite that comfortable with their relationship yet, so he had to be content with sleeping in the chair. During our outside time today, Pudge followed Miss Mary Belle and I all around. I bet we look really funny to the neighbors, the cat, chicken and I. So, here they are, the two most unlikely friends. Mary Belle and her best friend, Pudge. At least she's got a little company now. They even "talk" to each other through the wire on the hutch.

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    [​IMG] That is so Sweet

    we are ALL misfits and needs special handling [​IMG]

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