the compassion of roos


9 Years
Mar 26, 2010
On February 19 I had my 4th pregnancy loss, a 4 weeker, a boy, named Seanna Pol. (Instinct told me it was a boy) I have been having a very hard time, alternating between bawling my heart out & furiously angry. Arlo my rooster has been such a comfort too me, I hold him all the time, & when I cry he will peck at my tears & meep at me. He snuggles with me, fills my aching arms. I would normally cut myself to rid myself of emotional pain, but Arlo is so sweet & little & comforting to me. He never tells me to 'get over it' & he doesn't mind sharing my lap with Seanna's urn. He crowed at me this morning & made me laugh so hard I woke poor Nate up. He's got the cutest little crow.
Chickens can be so sweet. I was just reading a study on how chickens can have empathy for each other... I don't see why not for humans as well. I'm glad you are getting comfort from your little Arlo. He sounds like a real joy to you. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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