The Complete Illustrated Book of Herbs: Growing, Beauty, Health, Etc.

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    The Complete Illustrated Book of Herbs published by Reader's Digest
    Growing, Health & Beauty, Cooking and Crafts sections
    Big, heavy, hard-cover book packed with information

    From the inside cover:
    "'ll find that there's more to herbs than you thought. Plants from basil to lemon balm to thyme have clinically proven medicinal properties, can ward off insects and other pests, clean your house, and cleanse and pamper mind and body alike. From an economic and environmental standpoint, choosing herbs over expensive commercial products can save you money and reduce the use of chemicals in your home."

    My personal favorites of herb recipes in this book is the Rose geranium foot balm and the potato and horseradish salad. [​IMG]

    List price is $30.00, get it for $15.00 with free Media Mail shipping.
    My paypal address is [email protected]. If you have any questions, please ask.


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