The Coop Is Going Up!!

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    My husband got the foundation and one wall up today. We finally had a nice, sunny day.

    Here is a quick couple pics of the coop so far:
    LOL, not much to look at, but I'm so excited about it.

    Now that the snow is melting off, we're a bloody mudbog. [​IMG]
    Here's a pic of the snow still in the back yard.

    We're getting to see the grass, even if it is brown.
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    Looks like you're off to a great start. Got a question about foundation. I see that it snows there LOL. How do you plant the foundation down so you don't have shifting and heaving problems in the winter? Or does it just sit on blocks?
  3. mangled

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    My husband augered holes last fall, and laid concrete footers. The new coop is going where his new shed was going to go. He has four cinder blocks under the base corners, plus the front sits on a railroad tie we have the original coop setting on, so *hopefully* it won't heave.

    We had a $4000 deck installed professionally last year, and they augered 4 foot deep footers, and set 4x4's into them. Right now, I cannot open my front door to my nice new deck because the bloody thing heaved. The contractor has to come up with his excavator and repair it after the thaw. [​IMG]

    The cheap $75 coop we set up last year with reclaimed materials has 3 foot footers my husband did with our auger, and it's still level, LOL.

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