The cost of vet care


11 Years
Aug 23, 2008
More and more I swear that animals are getting dumped due to the cost of vet care.
My daughter brought home a pup (it's cute and there's a thread about it already). But my God I called the vet and the shots are somewhat reasonable. Then I had to ask about neutering. I got quotes from two local vets for a dog 30lbs or under. One was $75 and the second was $120.
Good grief.
I understand that veterinary medicine has gone high tech but at prices like these no wonder people don't spay or neuter when they should and there are so many unwanted litters that alot of the time end up being dumped.

With the cost of vet care and just plain caring for a pup that left it's momma too soon I might as well have had another child.

Thank you. Rant over.
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If you can find an old country vet, their prices aren't so bad. When pets became like children to people vet costs started going up. Its sad that it prices pets right out of a lot of peoples lives.
I know! Wait till i get my English Mastiff fixed! He'll be over $500... because i'm getting his stomach tacked also... crazy!

Maybe try a local shelter?? explain to them that he is a rescue/stray....maybe they can help you out some...
i know just what your talking about.
a few months back we had a one of our baby alpacas get realy sick, couldn't breath well and gasping so we called the vet (this is sunday) and she said that she was already at the clinic as there was a dog that got bitten by a snake comming in, so we rushed him there and less then a minuite away he died so we took him there anyway and she looked at him pat him and said "well theres nothing we can do" and "if you want to know what caused this we can open him up and try to see what happened but that's probably just a wast if money" so then we put him back in the car and go back in to pay and then they say thats $110
and we're like what for and she says that it's the normal after hour amount.
so in the end we payed $110 for her to look at a dead animal and payed the after hour price when she was already there.
sorry for hijacking your thread.
We got our first dog around 5 years ago. She was a shelter dog. The shelter we got her from had an adoption fee of $35 which included a rabies shot and a spay. She's a pointer and was just over a year old. That was before we moved across country. As far as a country vet goes we are in the country and the guy I'd call the country vet was the more expensive vet. Both my big dogs are due for their rabies shots and now I have to add pup care on top of that. Oh and yesterday we introduced the pup and the two big girls. The pup tried to nurse on the pointer. lol It didn't bother her. She had a litter before we got her and she has a real strong mothering instinct.
Holy cow
Now that is ridiculous. Oh and you didn't hijack you added to the discussion.
Well, I am here to sadly report that my Prince of Purr did not make it.
The vet said that cats can start consuming their own liver very quickly...I told her there was no way I could spend $500.00 or $600.00 trying to save this cat and I asked her if this was her pet what she would do? She said she would try to rehydrate it and give it an anti-biotic. It was the same cost as the blood work, so I declined the blood work and told her to go with the IV. She was also force feeding him. I got a very encouraging call at 6:00 pm about how well he was doing and that he had even eaten out of the bowl I was all encouraged and thougt I would be picking him up on Sunday. I waited and waited, finally at 2:38 pm she called to say that Purr had passed away! She wanted another $20.00 to bury him. She would not accept payments because she said she was too small of a practice. I went and picked up his body and paid the balance on Monday night. I spent $171.00 and still did not save him. I am really grieved. I do not think I will be getting any more cats...I get too attached and it is so painful to lose one. One of our chickens died on Saturday too, totally unexpected! On the bright side, we hatched four babies in the last two days...they are really adorable. We heard a commotion in the chicken pen last night and found a possum in there, he got a few feathers but no husband killed him!

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