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Feb 1, 2012
Im wondering what size is enough. I am just getting chicks next week and my husband is currently working on our coup. I am wishing for a "chicken spa" while he is thinking more in much smaller and less expensive a card board box perhaps. Just kidding about that but we definately are disagreeing on things regarding my new babies. I wanted to start out with 16 chicks but the number somehow became 21. The coup he is building is 7'X8' with 10 foot ceilings. It has 21 feet or roosting space and ten nesting boxes. The run is 7'X25'. I have had to compromise many times to get things this large even though my coup plans were far bigger originally.
Some places I read say that this will be more than enough, others say its far too small. I am wondering which is true. Should I cancel my order for some of my chicks if possible or do you think I will be ok with this smaller than planned coup.
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I'm no expert (only had chickens for about a month and our coop isn't even built yet - eek!), but the size of your coop and run sound adequate for 16-21 chickens. I don't think you'll need 10 nesting boxes (I think you can get away with 3-4 chickens/nesting box, but you could probably find that info. on this site). You may need more roosting space however.

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