The Courageous Pony is cleared for driving - 4 yrs after laminitis

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    Jul 26, 2010
    Four years of trims, xrays, rehabilitation and many trials and tribulations, my pony has been cleared for light driving.

    And he has two of the most beautiful little front feet I've ever seen - smooth and normal in shape. God I do love those little feet.

    We purchased him four years ago, with very badly deformed front feet, due to multiple episodes of laminitis.

    He can offficially be declared the most expensive five hundred dollar pony in history - but we joke about that for fun, not because we begrudge him even a penny.

    We have two trims to go, that is about 13 weeks time, and at that point, we will have our final xray.

    At that point we will determine if he can be cleared for more active driving, such as pleasure driving outings held by our driving club. But if all he can ever do is light driving at home, I am still very happy.

    We're going to celebrate. A night on the town.

    We've worked very hard to get this far.

    We have to be forever diligent that he NEVER gets loose and gets on the grass. We made him a special sturdy stall guard and we double check every gate and door at every feeding. We have very strict rules in the barn to make sure all gates are closed. We've worked VERY hard to keep good footing under him, to avoid any sort of stress and excitement, and to exercise him diligently. Slow, boring and repetitive exercise - without it we are sure he wouldn't be as far as he is today.

    Pony has worked very, very hard and made a lot of sacrifices to get this far.

    He's had to give up grazing and freedom in a big pasture - permanently. He has a large dirt paddock, and even the grass on the outside of his fence is mowed so he can't eat any. He had multiple episodes of laminitis so is especially sensitive to any grass now. No grazing, ever.

    He's given up grain and concentrates, and all but a single tiny bit of carrot now and again. No sugar, applies, molasses-added feeds.

    He's given up being fat. He was horribly fat when we got him. He's now a slim trim pony, and instead of the usual round rotund pony look, he looks like a miniaturized horse.

    He has to be exercised frequently to maintain his trim shape.

    He's learned how to tolerate all sorts of veterinary and farrier attention.

    He's still just as wild eyed and wicked as he can be, he's 110% pony, he's got a chip on his shoulder a yard wide, and he's got more hot in him than habanero sauce.

    When he is 'up' his knees are at about eyeball level - he can out trot just about anything with four legs, he has the most incredible action.

    His driver needs a very light and sensitive hand, and better be prepared to see the country pass by very, very quickly, while looking in between two tiny, sharply pointed little curved ears.
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    Jan 18, 2007
    Nice job! What a tremendous amount of work you have done!
    Where are the pictures? [​IMG]
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    Feb 21, 2010
    Duvall, WA
    Congratulations! That is so exciting... Laminitis is an absolute nightmare but as you've proven with your diligent care, it can sometimes be overcome. I have a mini/shetland mare that was extremely overweight when we got her. It has been a constant struggle to get her to slim down and we had our own bout with founder, fortunately very mild. The care is time consuming and sometimes tiresome but so worth it to know you've given the horse/pony a new chance at life. For me it is most rewarding when I see my boyfriends 4 year old daughter sitting on her back beaming from ear to ear [​IMG]
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    We need pictures!!!!!!!!

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    Wonderful! Laminitus is the pits. I'm glad things look so good and will have fingers crossed for the next 13 weeks. Please keep us updated.

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