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Okay, that was a terrible edit of a popular phrase, but hopefully it got your attention.

Short Story:
In addition to BYC's sister site we've now added 2 new sites to the family: and

Long Story:

On April Fool's 2007 I posted that I was opening It was meant to be a huge joke, but then we started to see posts and PM's and emails from people saying how excited they were to see it start up. Well after about 7 months of putting it off (during the BYC busy season) we finally got a breather and started up the BYCows forum.

Also, over the past 19 months there have been a lot of threads about self sufficient living. Many people requested a section on BYC about the subject, but just like TEG, this is too grand of a topic to limit to a few sections on a chicken site (no offense to BYC). Since we were already building BYCows we decided to go ahead (since we were already in "make new forum mode") to create

With the help of a TON of great BETA testers we've received some excellent feedback on both forums and have created the first categories and sections of the new sites.

Remember, the goal is to have a bunch of topical sites that are complimentary with the same friendly and helpful atmosphere that we've come to love and respect about BYC. This is a great opportunity for BYC to show her little sisters how it is done and I don't expect that any of the three will let her down!

If anyone is having problems accessing, registering, logging in or out, of any of the sister sites:

Please try the following:

1) Locate the internet cookies for the site in your cookies folder on your computer and delete them.
2) If you have no idea what that meant, delete all your cookies:
If that doesn't work, try to access the site from another PC, preferably one with a different browser and on a different internet service provider (i.e., network).
4) If you still have problems please post reply here with a TON of details (browser and version, error messages, steps taken to try to resolve, etc. More info is ALWAYS better than less.

Thanks again to this whole amazing community for supporting us and the rest of the community as we build and learn together.


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I just forwarded the forum address to my friend in Maine who has, literally, pet cows in her backyard. Hope she joins.
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