~^~The Crazy Jesus-Lovers of BYC~^~

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I am actually a female!
9 Years
Jun 21, 2010
God placed me in this world
This is The Crazy Jesus-Lovers of BYC thread! If you don't love Jesus, the ndon't join but I'm not here to start a fight, I'm here to love the one who made me, saved me, and is comin' back to love me! Wanna join? Just post here!
Just post your
Christ-like goal for the day:
So join now!!! And your name will be put on our list for The Crazy Jesus-Lovers of BYC!!!

Jesus loves you!!!

The Crazy Jesus-Lovers of BYC:
Louieandthecrew - My goal is to learn what love is
DTchickens - My goal is to grow closer to Him more and more
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I thought religious threads wernt allowed on BYC anymore?? Just letting you know in case you didnt know...
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Yay! Okay, I'll put you on the list

12. We strongly discourage religious and political topics and reserve the right to delete them at our discretion. The topics of religion and politics should be confined to the “Random Ramblings” section of the forum.
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