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    Nov 21, 2013
    So I had gotten a feather footed chicken (I call her my fashion hen hence the name Gucci) for free and I was told she was a hen and when I got her she was supposed to be 4-5 months old. That was 3-4 months ago I have had no eggs from her but it’s starting to be winter so I am guessing that’s why she is not laying. In a separate pen I had some meaties free ranging and just before they left for freezer camp one of the roosters started tuning up. Now it was only a couple day of a few crows but now Gucci is imitating the crowing. now before you jump to conclusions I have had roosters in the past this does not sound like a crow it sounds more like a yell and my chickens are free range so I have checked my yard for the excited I just layed an egg cheer and nothing. I also live in a neighborhood so no big predators to be worried about. The problem is I don't want my neighbors to hate me being I just bought the house, and I would like to keep Gucci (she ... it is a pretty bird) any ideas on how to make her stop? I am considering bringing in maybe more hens maybe change the pecking order or I’m not even against the idea of borrowing a rooster to put her in her place and deal with the crows for a few days. Anybody think this might work?
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    You'll only get twice as much crowing if you bring in another rooster. If your Gucci is a roo, in spite of your hopes it's hen, they will compete, and much crowing generally results.

    There are ways to try to control crowing, but most are very time-consuming, and they aren't guaranteed. The best thing is to hurry up and make friends with the neighbors and get them friendly towards your chickens. It's an attitude issue, and as long as it's not an ordinance issue, minds can be changed and enlisted to your side.

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