The crowing of a cockerel

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    Mar 26, 2016
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    Hi all, I was wondering if my cockerel will crow a little less when he grows older? Henry the Cream Legbar is my first rooster.

    I don't mind the sound at all and sleep through it in the morning, but he doesn't crow once, it's like 15 times and my neighbor is upset. He's a wonderful boy otherwise...protective, totally respectful with humans, gentle with the girls who like him a lot. He's 19 weeks old and simply gorgeous!

    I don't mind the amount of times he crows (maybe 4 times per day), but he starts it up and keeps going....and going...while I worry about the neighbor. She doesn't mind the daytime noise. Only the 5:30am noise.

    I sleep with my window open about 30 feet from the coop with no problem! The coop is insulated and I know the winter will solve things for the season...but I'm wondering if by next summer he'll have calmed down a bit? Not sure if the crowing behavior changes with age?

    Thanks for any insight!!
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    Apr 7, 2015
    Maybe they crow a little less with age, once they get their voice down, but it is still several times. I used a no-crow collar when I first decided to keep my roo and it did greatly reduce the volume. You have to be careful putting it on, as you want it tight enough that his airway can't expand fully to be as loud, but not so tight that it interferes with regular breathing. Took a few days for me to get it right and I had it on him for about 9 months, repositioning a few times. He pulled it off at one point and I left it off for a while and, even though zoned for no roosters, I haven't received a complaint in over a year and so have just kept it off, but it did work well. I've also heard that bringing them inside the house or garage in a cat crate, and releasing back with the flock in the morning can stop that earliest noise fest, but that sounds like a lot more work...
  3. Some Roosters crow all day long...I know..I had one that Crowed all day long...He never was silent very long....
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    Are you legally allowed to have a rooster? If so, maybe you can show some good will toward your neighbor and bring her eggs or bake her something yummy. Could be you sleep through it because you're a heavier sleeper and she doesn't because she's a lighter sleeper. I appreciate that you want to be considerate of your neighbor. Not everyone is. Is your rooster in a coop when he's crowing at 5:30, or are they out in the run by then? If in the coop, maybe the coop door could stay closed until a more reasonable hour of the day. Or, could he be brought into your garage or another shed for the night? Move the coop farther from her house? I personally would not use a no-crow collar. Personal preference for me. I'd rather not be putting something around my chicken's neck that could - if not applied or monitored properly - cause choking.
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    Mar 26, 2016
    Adirondacks, NY
    I am allowed to have a rooster. Bur we really like our really is quiet most of the day here. Henry only goes off a few times in the daytime --I think he's calling his girls closer?

    In the morning, he crows at 5:30, 6:30, 7:00 or so and these are long sustained sessions. I was wondering if when he came into his own he wouldn't need to go on for so long?

    You bet we are spreading eggs around the neighborhood! And our neighbors are great too. The next step is the no crow collar but I'm resistant to that---only if truly necessary.

    I feel great that Henry is so unconcerned about humans...including my 4 year old grandson.. And that the girls like him and pal around with him, even at the height of his hormonal vigor! :)

    Story: there are "summer people" next door on the other side, and they are pretty close to the coop--closer than the other neighbor. I saw the car there, and introduced myself, brought eggs. Told him it was a peace offering and he looked at me quizzically...what? I told him about the rooster--he says, "I am hard of hearing and I don't hear a thing!! " Wheww!!! He seemed glad to get the eggs though!!

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