The cycens in my Coop


8 Years
Oct 27, 2012
* The Cock - A free Gift from the Secretary of the Department. Was getting villanous Assaults from the other Cocks, and so given to me for free. My first Cock; likes to run Away. Half of his Comb had been peckt off by the other Cocks, but it has regrowen.

* Softy - The first named chiCken of the Flock! A big black CoChin with soft Feathers, far softer than any other chiCken. Is molting right Now, and has only neck Feathers. Constantly gallant'd by the Cock (above), his favorite. Likes to go Broody, but is too Meek and lets the other Hens invade her nest Box and lay on her. She would steal the Eggs then. Was recently driven out by little white One (below).

* Little white One - An bantam siz'd white CoChin, also a broody Hen. The smallest Hen in the Flock of chiCkens, enjoy'd Broody ness so much, the first Time, she repeates the Performance oftn.

* The Dorkington - Was one of 3 such, of that Denomination, before the first was savag'd by an escapt Dog, and the last, egg Bound. Tends to smell Offencive, the most offencive of the Lot. No Others, lay whit Eggs. Her Eggs, regularly deposit surplus Calcium, in the form of roughn'd Areas.

* Big white One - An nasty offencive white Wyndotte, too Fat to move with any Speed, and too Insolent to Care! The top of the peck Order, but too Blind to take any Advantage! Has an interesting Comb, but no other redeem'd Qualitys.

* Little Brown & Co. - Two industrial Hens, from a nearby egg Farm. They both have clipt Beaks, but done differntly, so I can tell them apart. Very small, for a chiCken that is not a Banntam. Very fast Cyckens. The Lesser Hen, lays a most massive Egg, of any of the Age.

* John - A goldn Orpolington a Gift of a fellow chiCken Keeper, in another State. Very soft, but not to be compar'd with Softie.

Next are the spring cyChkens, hatch't by John on the Neighbor property, from a STOL'N NEST:

* The sole remaining Cockerall, styl'd Rufus. Not yet a Gallant, but an express chiCken. Very beautiful.
* Jane Gray
* Maybe Lena
* Sadle
* The tawnly color'd One

That is All.

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