The daily "hunt" Too much fun!!!


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Well, our first egg was on Feb 18th. It got stuck in our poor lady and we had to help it out. Full size, 1.8 oz egg. She appeared to be doing fine and her inflamation was going down. Few days later, no eggs still and she was swollen again. Treated her with Prep-H and she looked fine again. Then swollen again but no egg findable in there and treated again. Apparently I was not doing long enough follow-up treatments! So even though she looked fine, I still treated and am treating as she looks to be discomforted again.

Well, we went a week with no eggs. Yesterday we got egg number 2! Not sure if it was from her or not. How do you tell? That one was also 1.8 oz and perfectly shaped.

I have been looking for those "pre-eggs" that are small and soft but nope... today was egg number 3 at 2.1 oz!

So my ladies must love me and are giving me full size eggs from the get go.

I knew it would be cool but it is just TOO exciting to go down and find my gift from them! I can not wait till they all start laying!

We have 15 black-sex links. One of which has full size legs, head, and wings but has yet to grow her body. I am hoping she is just a late bloomer and does not have laying problems or just never lays. She weights NOTHING compared to the others!

Now, what to do with a dozen or so eggs a day. My boys are not here to help eat them except in the summers.

Anyone got any good recipes?

Oh, this is just too much fun!!!
On the BSL who weighs "nothing", are you sure she is getting enough to eat? If she is at the bottom of the pecking order, it may be that the others are preventing her eating? It might not be a bad idea to observe and make sure she is eating and/or set up multiple feeding stations so the others cannot block her access to food.
Oh yeah she eats! Eats like the rest of them. She is not low on the pecking order b/c she has about the best looking tail feathers down there! She is a little pecker herself. She pushes right in with the rest of them to eat. They let her in. She gobbles stuff down. And she don't take no flack from the others.

I have been monitoring her for a while and see nothing that would make her little. We did have a runt when they hatched and that one took a while to catch up to the others so maybe that is her? I don't know. She is happy, healthy, eats, drinks... She is the size the rest were about a month ago so I am hoping she is just a late bloomer.... Time will tell.

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