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Death Angel

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Apr 29, 2013
The Death Realm.
[As a warning, many of the stories i write, are disturbing, and are not for the faint of heart, this story will involve minor amounts of bad language, if you disregard this warning, read the story, and comment below, hating, dissing, or any sort of spam, you will be asked to not read this story, this story is mine, if it is seen posted anywhere else without my permission, i will ask you to take it down, or i will press charges, because my stories come from one, or many of the books that i have had published, again, this story is not for the faint of heart, for those who read it though, Enjoy, and feel free to give me feedback, positive, or negative.]

Chapter 1. [Angel From Hell]

The being passed through the gate, 'darkness... no... no... light...' it thought as it entered the plane of existence known as, Material.

A tall, hellish figure wrapped in dark cloth stood over the man, "stop this!" he screamed as the dark figure devoured a small girl's soul, dropping the lifeless body next to the other four, "No... No... No!" He screamed as the figure approached him, he attempted to crawl away but was caught by a black, menacing claw, he felt himself becoming tired, weary... and then his lifeless body was dropped. The being observed his work, the farm was in ruin, the family deprived of their souls, the being spread his wings and took to the skies, he neared the city and a shining white figure caught his attention, he dropped from the skies, he landed with a sound as to a crash of thunder, a crater where he stood, and the figure before him, a Paladin of Light, spoke. "Angel From Hell." the figure said before drawing a Hell-Bane sword, "Go back to hell!" it screamed before running at inhuman speeds towards the figure, the sky darkened and a black mist surrounded them, he brought his two clawed hands together with the sound of a clap of thunder, and spread them apart, revealing a hellish black scythe through the black mist, with one mighty, powerful stroke, the paladin was slowed but still running, the scythe dissipated back into mist, and right as the paladin swung at the being, the paladin choked, stopped in its tracks, and fell in two, spurting blood from the heart and organs cleaved in two, then the entire body dissipated in the same black mist as the scythe did, the skies cleared, as did the mist, he turned towards the city, this would be one hell of a feast.

[I hope you enjoyed the story, post feedback, and tell me if you like it!]
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