The Deer and The Goose

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Mahonri, Apr 16, 2011.

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    That is VERY cool. [​IMG]
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    Totally VERY cool.
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    I don't think I have ever posted this story because I didn't think anyone would beleive it. We used to have a pair of white deer that were the pride of our lettle subdivision(All lots were 5+ acres since that was the magic number to be able to keep horses) the whole place was posted to keep hunters out and since deer do wander we got the local hunt club to threaten a $500 fine on their members who shot one. The doe dropped a pair of twins in the woods behind my place. during the day when the gate to the goose pen was open the three used to come and drink out of the goose pool and the fawns would eat any goose pellets left in the feed dishes. Finally the geese caught them in the act and I held my breath because I had seen my flock chase cattle away from pools i had placed in the goose pasture. I wasn't afraid for the doe since I knew she could jump the fence with no problems but the fauns could hardly walk! sure enough the geese went for the doe and she jumped the fence but to my surprize the geese did not chase the fauns. They shut up for once and let the fauns approach and sniff at them with no reaction at all. The doe was upset but she worked her way opposite the gate and got the fauns to come to her.
    That same day I installed a spare pool in the cover outside the gate for the deer to drink from. but it was not unusual to see my flock of Pilgrims with the deer family grazing the pasture and sharing the shade under a tree to nap together. eventually they grew up and the deer wandered off. When I got ducks the pool in the woods became the honeymoon pool for ducks because the geese didn't approve of their mating in the public pools.
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    Thanks for posting that. I like hearing about all sorts of interspecies "friendships."
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    I have a deer farm.
    I will have to look through my pictures, but a wild goose Picked my oldest Buck as her Friend.
    She has been here 3 years without leaving.This last fall I sold her friend to somebody who wanted him that would not kill him, so I sold him
    [​IMG] She never left.I don't know if she will this year since he is not here???
    She is out sitting on a nest now her boyfriend flies in for about a week inside my deer pen or she will fly out. Then she comes back flies into my fenced geese and Peafowl... lays then tries to set.... lucky for me they have not hatched Cause I would have a wildlife mess on my hands...
    But her boyfriend stays outside either one or Two of my deer pens and watches her.I will post pictures.I have always been afraid of getting in trouble...But she can Fly and is free to come and go I wish she would leave but can't do anything she just eats for free.I don't dare touch her eggs for legal reasons...But always pray they don't hatch...I have been lucky so far...But we learned to live with her and him.
    I Found a few...But She would bed down with him at night also.She was never more than a few steps away from him.

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    I wish you would not have given him away i hate wen freinds are broken up but your deer your choice.

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