The Delaware Boys Just Passed 14 Weeks Old (PICS)


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I am down to the wire here soon. The Dels, affectionately known as the Little Heathens, LOL, are healthy and growing really large. I have my three cockerel choices and my #1 is still my #1 choice. They are now chasing and sparring much more than previously and one of the girls' faces is getting pretty pink now. Anyway, here they are a couple days ago when I let them out to eat some grass. The first three pics are my #1 boy.




That size is mainly genetics. They come from some big stock! They were raised on starter/grower plus on occasion, scrambled eggs and yogurt, but recently, I switched them to Game Bird grower (called Flight Conditioner by Purina). That's about it. They get a handful of Knockout game bird feed, an 11 grain scratch, in the morning and in the evening when they go in to roost. I don't feed lots of extras to my birds usually. That boy in the 5th picture down is a TANK! He's as large as most 18-20 week old cockerels.
Thanks for the compliments on these guys! The starter/grower is 18%, but the game bird grower is 20%. The eggs they get a couple times a week also up the protein a bit. I can't get just starter alone at a higher percentage around here and I think game bird starter is a bit too high at 28-30%, unless I can find a different one somewhere that is no more than 24% or so.
They are really beautiful birds! I have been enjoying all the photos of them as they grow.
I would love to have some in the future. They are on my wish list . But having seen these beauties I don't think I would be happy with hatchery birds.
Thanks for sharing the photos.
Cyn, I don't know anything about the Breed but your choice of #1 Roo is just a gorgeous bird. They really are nice, such a nice mixture of Dark and light. Congrats on your choice for a new breed. You know, how I am, I want some of each but the Delaware would be right up there on top of the list if I ever decide to get yet another breed.

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