The difference between Easter Egger and Americana

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    Feb 19, 2017
    Hey everyone I've been trying to figure out what the difference between and Easter Egger and an Americana? I've seen a lot of people use the name interchangeably in articles so are they the same?
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    Easter Eggers and Ameraucana are not the same thing. Miss-spellings of the breed name Ameraucana are frequently used to misrepresent Easter Eggers and to trick or deceive inexperienced buyers.
    Ameraucana are a recognized breed, with a consistent breed standard and always have a color/variety specified.
    The term Easter Egger commonly applies to birds that do not meet the breed standard for neither the Araucana breed nor the Ameraucana breed. Most hatchery sourced Easter Eggers are not mixed breeds, they just haven't been selectively bred to meet a specific breed standard.
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    Well, that question yields a lot of different opinions on BYC - right down to the spelling - Americana....Americauna (which I believe is correct).
    Here is an old thread - one of several I'm sure - where the differences are debated and discussed.
    Hope it yields some answers for you!

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