The dogs are giving me a headache today!

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    Aug 11, 2007
    So first off let me assure you that I am not as incompetent as this story may lead you to believe. My parents use to raise beagles till my father passed away when I was 11. When I moved out on my own at 18, I had a stud beagle, and my friend and roommate had a female, so I have been around the block a few times on the breeding of dogs especially beagles. Two and a half years ago my father in law bought us as our wedding present the beautiful little AKC registered girl beagle I had always wanted. Annie is now in her third heat and the long awaited breeding is upon us. The male is my father in laws also AKC registered beagle. He is three. This is the first time for both of them. We took her down yesterday and he showed no interest what so ever. I think it was a little to early. They wanted me to leave Annie there but she is my baby, also a house dog where as Brutus is kenneled. She is also an escape artist and I didn't want my 74 year old Father in law to accidentally let her loose when he went in the kennel to feed them. So we took the male Brutus home with us. Before I go any farther also let me assure you that the dogs have both been checked by a vet blood work has been done and the we have the green light to proceed.
    So we got home last night I made a pen for them in the garage (since Brutus is not house trained and has never been in the house) 2 hours later they where out of the pen, luckaly still in the garage. I tried again and at 8 went in the house. This morning they where again out of the pen, but luckaly still in the garage. So I brought them out tied them up (Annie will take off if she gets loose, and I am afraid Brutus will eat my guineas, ducks and chicken) Our big dogs a spayed mutt(Lani) and a neutered black lab (Apollo) came over wanting to play. Brutus was fine with it till he saw the lab, then he lunged at him. Apollo looked confused then started to growl back. I took Apollo in the entryway. Brutus lives with a neutered male Corgi and they never seem to fight, I don't know what his deal with Apollo is, but I am not taking any chances on either getting hurt.
    At the moment, Annie is sleeping peacefully on her pillow in the living room, Brutus is outside on her tie out, Apollo is tied under the bathroom window on the other side of the house, and poor Lani looks confused as to what is going on and why everyone is tied up. We are in the process of putting in a fence around the house. We have the trench dug (burying it so that they can't dig under so easily) half of the pulled up (the fence use to hold our miniature horse before we had to get rid of him). I went to pull up the rest and got to the tree it is steepled to the tree I can't cut through the steeples they are too big ( I tried) and I can't get the hammer claw under them to pull them free. So I am stuck at the moment, in about a half hour I will wake my DH up and make him help me.
    To make matters worse, I have some awful stomach cramps (cause its that time) , and think Im coming down with a cold. As well as having to go to work for 4 and half hours tonight 6:30-11!
    I just wanted to rant about my day and my uncooperative dogs. Though if anyone has any ideas or suggestions I am certainly willing to listen.

    thanks for listening to my rant
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    Feb 22, 2008
    Kingman, AZ
    No suggestions, just a listening ear. Wow!! Maybe you will get some peace when you go to work.
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    Jun 15, 2008
    Sounds like a standard day with my dogs. They were being highly annoying a couple days ago despite being taken for several walks and we no longer have a yard due to escapes. We extended the chainlink to 8' high with a slant, put reebar in the ground every few feet to hold the bottom in place, and then laid old 4x4 posts along the bottom of the fence all the way along to prevent digging. They still escaped while supervised before you could finish yelling a word at them so after 2 years of trying we've given up on the yard. Now somewhere in the field there is $200 of tie outs and carabiner clips probably wrapped around a post because my akita figured out how to unhook the whole system from the tree, they ran out in the field dragging the ropes, got stuck, and she chewed them loose to return with 2' of one tie out on her collar. They then proceded to bounce around the house like idiots because they got to run loose in the fields unsupervised. I had to tell them to go to their kennels for the next 15 mins until someone else got home or I was at risk of killing one.
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    Aug 11, 2007
    Akane that makes me feel better, Our dogs are usually pretty well behaved except for when Annie will break her chain and take off. We are working on building the fenced yard. Our outside dogs are huge, kinda chunky and have both had run ins with cars (our lab had to have surgery on his hip) so they will not be hard to contain. I had been letting Annie run in the horse pen and she would look for ways out under the fence, never tried to go over, so I hope that continues as our fence is just hog fencing and so only 3-4 foot high. I now realize it will not work for Brutus even for the short amount of time he is here, he keeps climbing out of the hog panels we used to make their pen in the garage, guess thats why my father in law has a 6' tall kennel for him!
    I will put both Brutus and Annie in the garage before I leave for work. Our neutered lab was trying to mount her today, she barked at him and ran off though, Brutus just keeps sniffing her and then walking away.

    Well an hour till work, hopefully the night goes quickly!

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