The dry spell is over!

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    Jul 2, 2010
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    Backstory: We have three girls Lena (minorca), Ginger (Barred Rock), and Esther (Speckled Sussex). They are now about 9 months old. They started laying in early August. We were so excited! Well in October they stopped. Just stopped. There was a little molt.

    TOday: well Ginger and Esther's combs have been getting redder and redder. Two days ago Esther started squatting for me again. Today we recieved a light brown gift. Wooo! [​IMG] Kinda oblong in shape. I'm sure it's cause she's out of practice. She was so excited she did an egg song. Hubby thought something was wrong. "Esther's makin a racket". None of the girls do egg songs all that often. Maybe Ginger will get the hint. I don't expect anything from Lena until spring.
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    YAY for eggies!

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