The Dual Benders

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  1. -None of this will make sense if you have not watched Avatar the last air bender EPISODES (Not that stupid movie that is a shame to all things Avatar) Though even if you haven't you can still join! Very simple concept


    First, your bending was stolen from you, someone who had long since gone insane kidnapped you and took it away with a rare ability, blood bending. Then Harmonic convergence arrived and you developed a new skill, the nearly extinct type of bending-air bending. Shortly after this, you became extremely ill, barely surviving the ordeal. What has happened? The two elements are fighting inside of you. Your previous element and the new air element. After your sudden sickness, you are able to control both of the elements. But this is wrong, the only person who can master more than one element is the avatar, with the help of a very powerful spirit. So how did this happen?


    -YAY Rules, don't give up just becasue the list is long! READ IT!
    -All BYC rules apply
    -Mix the dual benders, not all earth air, fire air, or water air.
    -No blood bending
    -No god modding
    -Be very descriptive in your character forms because you won't be adding stuff later on. (Yes personality does tend to fluctuate.)
    -Maximum of two elements and if they are a dual bender one MUST be air.
    -Try to keep the gender ratio 50-50
    -Do not argue with me, i have a plan set up to determine who is stronger or faster
    -You may make normal benders
    -Put your favorite character from the series in the "other" section
    -You cannot decided your characters randomly have certain skills, if they have any skills or use any weapons, you must include them in your form the first time
    -FIND A PICTURE! I can never imagine a character unless they have a picture, anime, real world, or cartoon.
    -Do not fight in the rp
    -Delete the (NOT OPTIONAL) after history, it bugs me, but it had to be said
    -I will not accept your character until you have done the things I've asked in the rules
    -For bio, just kind of put their motto, or what they believe and random skills and traits that you wouldn't put in history or personality. It is also not optional
    -By making a character, you promise to listen to and obey my judgement in this rp.


    History: (NOT OPTIONAL)

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