The Duck Im Adopting Boy or Girl


10 Years
Aug 10, 2009
Denver, Illinois
This duck is at animal control im going ot get him tomorrow do you know what breed he or she is? Boy or Girl?

Now that's what we call a Heinz duck - 57 varieties of duck went into creating that one.

We'll need a profile of the tush to look for the tale-tell drake feather.
That looks alot like my latest hatch of muscovies
pretty much identical in fact ..... will post a pic tomorrow
My ducklings are still half dressed at the moment but these colours are same.
Duckie is a muscovey or muscovey cross...female...I see not drake feather on the tail. what a wonderful thing for you to do...adopting that precious duckie.
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Scovies dont have drake feathers on their tails. Drakes have bigger feet & are pretty much double the size of the females, and they usually have a tell tale sign of a red bump above the base of the bill as the caruncles are starting to form.
I was going to say muscovy male becuase of the size of those footsies! I mean GEEZ! but then the lack of carnucles around the eye and face lead me to want to say female. Guess we'll just have to wait for better pictures.
It's a muscovy. I'm not sure on gender. I tell my young ones apart by size. The males really are huge! The females are more the size of regular ducks.

You will really like muscovies. They have sweet, silly personalities. They don't quack, so you will hardly ever hear them. I just love mine! would have to listen to it to know the gender. Boys hiss. The feet do kind of say "boy" though. If it grows in to them it is going to be huge! LOL
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