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    [​IMG]The Duck Ladie's[​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]Book Club![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    [​IMG]Calling All Bookworms!!!

    Hello! I Decided to start a book club! I thought It would be fun! I hope you'll enjoy! It'll be [​IMG]pretty much ALL classics.[​IMG] Hope you enjoy!
    1. Normal BYC rules
    2. I choose the book ( Though you can recommend!)

    3. Have Fun!

    [​IMG]( I'll name the first book after enough people join!)[​IMG]
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  2. I'll join!can I make a good suggestion?warriors cats:dawn of the clans,book 1
  3. DuckGirl77

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    Apr 19, 2016
    I'm joining! Hmm ... I recommend all the awesome Sherlock Holmes books!
  4. @duckgirl77,will you join:*live in the savana!*a ocelot cat role play! ?
  5. The Duck Ladie

    The Duck Ladie Duck Addict

    Calling all Bookworms!!!
  6. I have a when you pick the book,do we have to get it,or if we have it,what?
  7. The Duck Ladie

    The Duck Ladie Duck Addict

    Well, I'm going to try to pick Very common books so that noone has to buy it.
  8. Ok,
  9. ChickenLover200

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    May 10, 2013
    I'll be in the barn!
    I'll join!!!
    I recommend:
    The Canaan Creed by L. P. (?) Hoffman[​IMG]
    It is an excellent book. I read it for "school" a few years back. It was one of my favorites. It;s definitely one you can't put down once you pick it up!

  10. Ohh! I know!i want to read the lion the wich and the wardrob!we could do that!(sorry if I did not spell right)

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