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    May 31, 2010
    I have no idea.
    anyone here like recycling? anyone here like taking care of animals? i do, and i love it!!! join the Earth club and tell everyone what your doing to save our only planet! [​IMG]

    Our Motto: Recycle one can, save toucans!

    PM me a description of you !

    the list:

    Chickensrock9 - Funny, and takes care of the earth! [ president ]
    [ your name ] - [ your description ]

    there is going to be a contest to see who does the most things to save the earth!

    your prize is: a better planet!!! [​IMG]

    Team Recyclers:

    Team Conserve:

    Team Animals:

    Team Ocean:

    you have to do things over the week saving energy, saving water, etc.

    NO LIEING !!!

    PM me if you want to be in the contest! [ you dont have to be ]

    have fun chatty earthlings!
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