The easiest way to peel a pomegranate?

Cut them in half, turn upside down and bash with a wooden spoon. All the fruit will fall out and no need for peeling or fuss!
So glad you asked this question....I usually get a few pomegranites this time of year, and I always struggle with the peeling....
I cut into them, too. I rub them loose with my thumb. I usually put the bowl in the sink, in case one gets a bit squirty.

I make my parrot eat them in the shower and hose it down after he's done.
I usually cut the skin until the fruit is divided in half then try and twist it so they it breaks cleanly? I don't actually eat pomegranates much lol so I'm no expert
Just my 2 cents
Cut it into quarters and the turn the quarters inside out in a bowl of water. Taking out the seeds underwater is the best way since they are heavy and sink, but the pith is light and floats.
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I cut mine in 1/2 (Out both halves face down on a towel for about 30 seconds to help with the mess). Then peel the pieces off as I go. Starting is the hardest part because im afraid seeds with explode everywhere but for the most part once you get past that point its usually pretty easy.

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