The Effects of Heat on a Chick's Temperament?

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    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if a temperature spike in a 'bator for 6 hours at 103.5 to 104 could cause a chick to hatch out as a complete problem child, meanie-head cull-worthy obnoxious fart? We had a temp spike, I've spoken about it several times on this forum, and ended up with only 5 chicks hatching out of 38 eggs. One of the Silkies (of which there were 2) had to be culled due to severe deformity. I'm not certain the heat caused it but I think it did. Two GLBs hatched out very sweet and affectionate and no deformities or problems of any kind thus far.

    I'm more curious as to whether a heat spike is the reason the one chick is such a punk. We have had this happen once before with a chick who was extremely aggressive, but we did not hatch that one, it was purchased from a hatchery and thus I don't know the incubation history of that chick.

    In any case, does anyone have any studies or research about a chick's temperament development having anything to do with temperature fluctuations to a high degree during incubation?
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    I hope someone replys!!! you crack me up!!! and now I must have a video of this guy!!! PLEASE!!

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