The egg business is a rough place!

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    May 23, 2008
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    Seriously. For over a year now we have been selling our extra eggs for $2/dozen. The other week our sign goes missing from the road, it was screwed to our road sign post. The town didn't take it down. A day after our sign goes missing, a house of the road puts up a sign saying they have eggs for sale at $2.50/dozen. Word is they took the sign down. How rude is that?! It seems though that over the last year they have gone from maybe 10 hens to about 40, I think their rooster has been having some fun and now they are too attached to the hens but are finding it hard to afford the feed.

    I am less than impressed, this is a small community and if we don't sell the extras we don't break even and really we have about 50 billion (LOL not an exact number) extra eggs. How can people be so petty? They're already on the main road, we're 1km down a road off the main highway so they already have an advantage over us.

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    Aug 27, 2009
    wow some people these days!
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    [​IMG] Yeah... petty people are everywhere. And you know what? The people that I see who are most successful over the long haul are the ones who are really nice, really honest, really smart, and work hard. I don't think your sign thieves have what it takes to compete with you. I bet that's why they felt they had to steal it.

    Maybe you can out-smart these neighbors by providing better-tasting eggs or eggs with Omega-3 fatty acids. Maybe out-advertise by using Craigslist, posting advertisements on free bulletin boards (I've seen them in laundromats and colleges) and seeing if your chamber of commerce would let you drop off computer-printed fliers or brochures. Heck. I once saw an advertisement on a telephone pole by a guy searching for a girl he fell in love with at first sight. All he knew about her was that she lived in my city. So why not post on a few telephone poles at corners somewhat near your grocery store.

    And maybe replace the sign in a way that it can't be stolen again. Maybe one you can tie down (windy days) in the daytime and take in at night?

    Gosh. I'm sure you could out-do these pathetic people.

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