The egg changes on the 3rd day

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    Hello I was hoping I get get some answers regarding egg color. I only have one 5 month old white rock that is laying. She lays an egg 3 days in a row about 26 hours apart then waits for for 36 hours and starts this process again. I found it great that she is very scheduled for being young, but I do understand that egg laying behavior can change over time.

    Here is my question - Her 1st 2 eggs are a solid tan color and the 3rd is always a bit smaller than the 1st 2 and it is tan with darker specks on it.
    Is this normal? When I say normal I guess I would like to know do others see a consistent pattern in one egg always being different? Maybe it's just because she is still young, but I was curious what others thought.
    Sorry if the picture does not show the difference well, but it really is obvious when looking at them.
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    [​IMG] This is normal.
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