The electric fence works.


9 Years
Apr 14, 2010
Johnson City, Tn
My wife was shelling some peas out near the girls tractor last night and our garage cat "Scribble" was being her usual affectionate self. Walking back and forth purring and doing her thing. She had her back to the tractor and when my wife looked away she heard a "yelp" sound and Scribble took off in a mad dash away from the tractor. I suspected that she may have brushed her cheek to the fence wires but my wife insisted that she was faced away from the fence immediately prior to her darting action across the yard. Glad to see that the fence works well.

The other night my 26 year old son was out checking on the girls and got his knee up against the wire. He said it felt like he had been hit with a ball bat.

+100 for electric fences.

I hated to see Scribble get nipped as she is a sweet and harmless cat. Last night a few hours before her "incident" we were out giving the girls treats. I always sit outside of the pen and allow them to come out and free range in the immediate vicinity. As I was dangling some baked potato peels Scribble came over to see what I had. As she was sniffing it one of the girls darted over and grabbed it out of my hand. There was perhaps 3 to 4 inches between the chicken and the cat. Scribble was like "What the heck? I was sniffing that."

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