The end could be near?

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    Jan 28, 2015
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    I have one hen whom I used to think was young, as I did not know her age when I got her. About a year ago, she stopped laying eggs. Completely. I though maybe she was egg bound or ill, but she is not showing any other signs, and has not since this all started. So now I believe she is probably a lot older than I thought. Lately she has been less active though. She's eating and drinking and pooping normally, but I just catch her laying down in odd spots, like a dirt patch in the middle of the lawn. I even caught her taking a little nap in the garden along the house one day. It doesn't seem she is sick, but I think she is just getting old and tired, perhaps preparing for her final breath. This would be the first hen to survive to old age so I have no experience with senior chickens. All deaths are due to high numbers of predators in the area, the last sentence needed some clarification. Anyway, have others had similar experiences with elderly chickens?
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    They do slow down. My 8yr old hen spends quite a bit of time just sitting in the sun and relaxing..... I wouldn't worry, as long as she still eats, drinks, & poops.

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