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Poppy Creek Farm
10 Years
Mar 16, 2009
I'm looking at a lot of the English breeds, though right now I'm not sure what their status is in this country .... is there anyone in the US who has any of the following:

Marsh Daisy
Norfolk Grey
Scots Dumpy
Scots Grey

Anyone who can advise or has these birds, I'm actively looking to buy!

Thank you!
I haven't written off the possibility of import, but obviously if there is soemone in the US who has these birds that would make life easier! The paperwork for import gave me a headache...
Several of the hatcheries have Redcaps but I have no idea what the quality is like. There are a few and I do mean few people breeding them but I have no names to suggest.
A couple of years back I looked for either of the Scots breeds & came up empty. If you have any better luck I'd still like some.
Good Luck!
I'd be surprised if you could find Ixworths in US; they are not common in UK.

I tried getting some Derbyshire Redcaps here in US but they were very poor.

If you email Jill at Kintaline Farm in Oban she may be able to advise if there is anyone in UK exporting the Scots breeds. I doubt if there is though. The cost is prohibitive & I'm not sure if exporting is allowed at present yet since the cases of H5N1 whenever they were (seems like ages ago). You could check the DEFRA website about this.
Thanks for the info, I have spoken briefly with her - she didn't give me the impression she had a whole lot of interest in being helpful though!

Oh well, I shall NOT be deterred! Someone MUST want to see these breeds brought over here to assist in their spread and future security....
I'm sorry. She does get a lot of phone calls & emails from people in US. If she didn't give you any info then she probably doesn't know anyone. But it was worth a try. You could try Wernlas, if they're still going. If anyone would go to the trouble & could afford to get the necessary paperwork to be allowed to export to US it would probably be them. They probably have decent enough Redcaps, possibly Ixworth, not sure about the rest.
Failing that it would probably be individual breeders, which makes it rather unlikely. There is a good enough market for chickens in UK for most UK breeders to find the expense & hassle of getting the paperwork for exporting not worth their while.

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