The Epic ChickenClan Warrior Fight - Forces of Light and the Dark!!

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    Hello, and welcome to the Fight.

    Well.... it used to be a fight!
    Now it's turned into ShadowClan's very own thread. SC is played by Chickie, and the members have a slightly sinister edge to them. Yes, only slightly, you can hardly notice it at all, can you, guys? [​IMG]

    I destroy everybody because I can!

    Anyhow, chickie has a profile on SC down... THERE

    Anyhow, HAVE FUN!!!

    And one word: WAR.

    Here are the clans that are RPed on this thread besides SC:
    SC (sunclan)
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    Here is some information on ShadowClan:


    Russetstar- Dark ginger colored hen with a large black streak on either wing. Was part of the origional ShadowClan as a young warrior, before Clawtail and his followers were driven from the Clan. Doesn't usually show mercy to outsiders and has a cold heart from all the abuse she suffered growing up.

    Bumblestripe- Yellow and black striped rooster with very long spurs that are coated in poison

    Medicine Chickens:
    Toadfoot- A dark brown hen with green eyes
    -apprentice: Lilypaw

    Ghostclaw- Tall, sooty gray rooster with a V-shaped comb resembling horns, evil but has a soft spot-- BirdNut

    Darkangel- All white except for her black wings, makes herself look evil but is actually very nice-- BirdNut

    Breezepelt- Black colored cockerel with white streaks going down his back

    Jadefire- A bubbly, playful, yet smart and strong black silkie hen. Her face and head are completely covered in feathers, shrowding her jade green eyes. She has amazing strength in her legs and can see very well, even in the dark; despite her face cover. She escaped from the post office when being shipped from a breeder's house --Zinnia Hen

    Thunderwing- A large, muscular gray and black colored Serama/Japanese bantam mix rooster. He has long, strong legs and sharp spurs he utilizes well for fighting

    Squirrelpelt- A large golden brown and white colored Serama/Japanese bantam mix hen with a very short temper

    Lionheart- A magnificent golden Serama/Japanese bantam mix rooster. He is wise for his age and kind to others

    Fawntail- A smaller, light brown hen with delicate spots dappling her back like on a fawn. She has a very graceful air to her and is quite beautiful

    Sorreltail- A white, brown, orange and black spotched pullet with green eyes

    Brambleclaw- A dark brown and black cockerel with very long and sharp claws that leave marks in the ground when he walks.

    Swallowtail- Curious, always trying to think up new ways to do things. Has a knack for figuring out ways for the Clan to use twoleg materials

    Bluestone- A grey/blue colored rooster with sharp blue eyes

    Rainbreeze- White and black flecked hen, a very good fighter. One of Hollywhisper's close friends, they share the same darkness and cruelty

    Ivysong- A large black and white speckled pullet with cold black eyes

    Silverstream- A pretty, slender, silver speckled hen with a finely shaped head and bright blue eyes

    Mistyfoot- A grey pullet with complex white, black and blue swirles all over her body, a formidable opponent in battle

    Blizzardtail- Pure white rooster with blueish streaks all over his body. Has long, curved claws, perfect for ripping the flesh from his enemies

    Dappletail- A beautiful yellow and white splotched hen with a long, elegant tail

    Fernpelt- A gentle, light grey hen with soft amber eyes. Has a soft spot for chicks especially but will not kill any bird, warrior or chick

    Blackclaw- A large black rooster with a very sharp beak

    Runningbrook- A light gray speckled hen with extreamily strong legs. Is a very fast running and can jump unnaturally high without using her wings

    Sagewing- Average sized, grey and white hen

    Owlwing- Brown speckled with large wings, has huge yellow eyes just like an owl

    Willowlark- With the voice and sway of fox and a heart black as a starless sky, Ash found him picking through the remains of a dead clan. He joined and later became another of the few of Ash's trusted men. --Gerbil

    Adderbite- Long and slim brown pullet

    Peppertail- Speckled Sussex rooster, makes ememies dizzy with his speckled pattern -apprentice: Flamepaw

    Brooksplash- Small brown hen with black wing tips. A wickedly fast flyer, specializes in attack and retreat stratagys

    Hawkstorm- Massive Jersey Giant rooster with long, hawk-like talons and a sharp, curved beak made for ripping flesh

    Berrytail- White hen with golden dots all over her, a confusing patterning to look at

    Amberheart- Blue-gray hen with peircing blue eyes. Her whole body is streaked with silver feathers, making her shimmer in the light

    Rosetail- Large orange hen, the color of autumn leaves, with amber eyes and large white wings. A strong, courageous, and determined fighter

    Echosong- Small black hen with exceptional echo vision. Can see in the darkest places where there insn't even a speck of light

    Jaywing- Blue, black and white hen, colored similar to a Blue Jay

    Foxhunter- a dark reddish colored rooster with darker flecks. Quick and cunning, hard to understand when you first meet him

    Thunderstorm- Huge dark gray rooster, very good fighter. Is very intimidating and often scared ememy's before they even have to fight

    Buzzardtail- All black rooster with frizzeled feathers

    Snowsong- Pure white cockeral with ice-blue eyes. A cold hearted, clever fighter, he may not be the biggest warrior but he can still take on the largest opponents

    Robinwing- Light brown hen with a reddish colored chest, best friends with Mothwing

    Kestralwing- A dark brown rooster with hazel eyes

    Jaggedfeather- Huge pitch black rooster with sharp feathers that stick up everywhere from being ripped by many battles

    Redtail- Large tortoiseshell rooster with a distinctive ginger tail

    Nightmist- Average sized black hen with dark grey streaks down her back and wings. Has a similar personality to Jaywing although not as as extreame

    Thistleclaw- A pure black rooster with feathers sticking up everywhere like thistles, hense the name. Is a clever fighter and will kill an enemy without hesitation

    Meadowstorm- Brown and white rooster with huge, strong wings. Fights with his wings more then his spurs and can knock a bird unconsious with one hit

    Brackenthorn- Large brown and black speckled rooster with cold yellow eyes

    Firepelt- Massive ginger colored rooster with black eyes. Very intimidating, can make an ememy back down just by looking at them

    Mousetail- Average size brown and black hen with a short and stockly build

    Streamsong- Blue, gray and white speckled hen with blue eyes. Graceful and extreamily beautiful, often catching the attention of her male ememies

    Sootfeather- Black and gray hen with green eyes, a very unusal combination. Has a very long beak and a strong neck which makes her pecks deadly

    Riverspirit- Small blue and white streaked hen, able to swim like a duck. She has waterproof feathers and she can hold her breath for long periods of time

    Larksong- Brown and black speckled hen with a yellow chest and stomach, was deputy of Clawtail's 'Clan'

    Patchfoot- Black and white patched rooster with long, frizzeled feathers. He is an older warrior but still very strong and has tons of experience

    Spiderleg- Pure white rooster with long, black legs. Is a very fast runner and can dart around so quickly you wont even notice he's changed direction

    Squirreltail- Dark brown hen with a very bushy tail. A very fast runner and is nothing but a blur when she runs

    Brackenthorn- Large brown and black speckled rooster with cold yellow eyes

    Firepelt- Massive ginger colored rooster with black eyes. Very intimidating, can make an ememy back down just by looking at them

    Mintblaze- Brown and white patched hen with a black streaks running down her back. Has abnormally long, sharp claws that leave marks in the ground when she walks

    Blueheart- A blueish/greyish hen. Is larger then most warriors but is surprisingly quick and agile on her feet

    Foxwhisker- A reddish brown hen with yellow/green eyes. Got her name from the fox attack that killed Applepaw, without the apprentice sacrificing herself Foxwhisker would have been one of the first killed

    Briarlight- A light brown hen with black speckles under her wings, a strong, couragous fighter with lots of spirit and determination

    Icewing- A pure white hen with the odd grey feather with as ice blue eyes

    Cherrytail- White hen with redish streaks on her back and wings. Mother to Sparrowchick, Rosechick, Sweetchick, Snowchick and Blazechick

    Flamepaw- A fiery red colored cockerel with abstract patterens all over his body like flames leaping into the air, hense his name -mentor: Peppertail

    Acornpaw- A dark golden colored cockerel with long, sharp, curved spurs perfect for ripping into enemies

    Stormpaw- A musular, dark gray cockerel. He was born into WingClan but was unhappy with that way things were run

    Featherpaw- A white hen with blue swirls along her wings and back. A very talented fighter, quick thinking and strong

    Antpaw- A dark brown and black cockerel with tan and white highlights all over his body. He has a slender build which makes him wickedly fast and agile

    Snakepaw- A pure black cockerel with cold blue eyes. He is very independant and a good leader

    Inkpaw- A pure black cockerel with long, featherless legs. His eyes are a steely black color which match his dark, sinister personality

    Rowanpaw- A large golden colored cockerel, was named after his mothers best friend Rowenclaw who is in the elders den now








    Pinestar- A large, muscular golden brown rooster with broad shoulders and long, sharp spurs

    Emberfoot- A huge black rooster with orange streaks

    Medicine Chickens:
    Sunheart- A golden colored hen with white streaks across her back and wings

    Cinderheart- A small, lavender D'uccle hen with large muffs and a beard

    Creekcloud- Average size, dusty grey rooster with very good eyesight. He is also a very good flyer and is often used for scouting

    Thornheart- Huge golden colored rooster with very sharp spurs that he certainly knows how to use

    Shalelight- Bright grayish colored rooster with glowing eyes, he can see very well in the dark and preferes to hunt at night

    Mothpelt- A beautiful triangular-faced, dappled, golden feathered hen with a long tail rippling with dark stripes, and large amber eyes

    Lizzardstripe- A brown hen with a white underbelly and green eyes she is stubborn at times but is great fighter

    Cloverleaf- Small white hen, preferes to be a broody but can fight decently and will die to protect her Clan which she views as her chicks

    Birchfall- Grey and black stripped rooster with long legs which makes him a good runner and fast in battle

    Pebblefoot- Light grey hen with darker gray flecks, senior warrior of ShadowClan. Extreamily talented in battle

    Tanglepath- Medium sized, golden and black rooster. A good natured warrior who loves his life and everything in it

    Hollywhisper- Huge, battled scared hen with spurs. Merciless and cruel, not known for her friendliness around camp let alone on the battle field

    Birdheart- Average sized hen with a beautiful singing voice. Similar to the Shadows whispering, she can sing pictures into creatures head

    Tigergaze- Large multicolored rooster with piercing black eyes that seen to stare right threw you, chilling your heart

    Finchcall- Small hen, in similar size to a large finch. Quick and agile in the air

    Springheart- Large white hen, kind compared to her companions

    Rainwhisper- Mottled grey hen with black flecks. Cheerful and friendly to her fellow Clanmates, always seeing the positive side of a situation

    Duskeyes- Black and orange hen with very longs and sharp claws. A great fighter but not the best runner because of her long claws

    Whitefeather- Snow white hen with green eyes, blends in very well with the snow

    Hollyleaf- Mysterious grey colored hen, joined ShadowClan when she was a rogue and not much is known about her past

    Cloudstep- Cloudy grey/white cockeral with grey eyes. A very good flyer and is best at air attacks, coming down from above and landing on his opponent's back

    Coldstone- A large Blue Ameraucana cockerel with piercing black eyes with no pupils. A cold hearted murderer on a good day

    Lavendersun- A large Lavender Oprington hen with gorgous, purple colored feathers. A good warrior but preferes defending the camp instead of attacking

    Nettleclaw- A short tempered Black Silkie rooster with a tongue as sharp as nettles. Loves to talk and can talk an ememy down any day

    Wildheart- A tall, dark brown cockerel with long slim legs pefect for running even on the most uneven or slippery surface

    Sandstorm- Large, sandy colored cockerel that always looks like he's frowning. Is always grumbling about one thing or another and likes to pick fights

    Cloverheart- All brown pullet with a white head and neck, a good actor and liar.

    Gingerfeather- Dark ginger colored cockerel, similar in color to Russetstar, even has the black streak on her wing

    Lionclaw- Has never ending energy, always up and ready to go and rarely tires. Is strong and well built, a very good fighter

    Lightningstrike- Unnaturally large black rooster with a golden streak on each wing which is where his name came from

    Coalpelt- Pure black rooster, very mysterious and doesn't talk much

    Wolfclaw- All black rooster with shiny feathers that turn green and purple in the sunlight. Long, sharp spurs and very strong legs built for stabbing others with them

    Falcontalon- Grey and white rooster with large curved claws that resemble talons more then anything.

    Ravensky- Pure black hen with a large, strong build. Stocky and muscular she is already the size of an adult hen and still growing

    Pebbleheart- Small white and grey hen with soft yellow eyes. Independent, original, and determined

    Oakheart- A sleek, muscular, reddish brown rooster with amber eyes and a broad head. A good leader and is always in control of any situation. Wise for his age.

    Greenflower- Black and brown hen with a greenish tint to her feathers, kind hearted and fiercly protective of her chicks.

    Spottedleaf- Large hen with a mix of every color imaginable, short strong legs that are good for kicking ememies

    Brindleface- Multicolored hen with a white face, a good broody and as protective of her clanmates as she is her chicks

    Frostfur- Snow white hen with ice blue eyes

    Greenflower- Large black rooster, when the sin shines on him his feathers look green

    Birchfall- Grey and black stripped rooster with long legs which makes him a good runner and fast in battle

    Hazelwing- Small pretty brown and black hen with green eyes. Mother to Redchick, Blossomchick, Leafchick, Honeychick and Applechick.

    Lilypaw- A small, delicate white pullet with soft green eyes. Is a medicine hen apprentice.
    -mentor: Toadfoot

    Diamondpaw- A large blue, red and white Easter Egger pullet with swirling feather patterns resembling sparkling diamonds -mentor: Nightmist

    Ashpaw- A large grey and black speckled cockerel with strong, muscular shoulders and legs -mentor: Pebblefoot

    Ripplepaw- A blue and white cockerel with long, jagged spurs that work really good for severe and even fatal wounds -mentor: Sandstorm

    Reedpaw- A skinny black cockeral with very shiny feathers. He ins't a large bird but is very quick and agile on his feet and can run at impossible speeds

    Graypaw- A musclular, dark grey cockerel with large yellow eyes and long, hooked claws

    Shimmerpaw- A light grey pullet with cold, amber eyes. Her feathers seem to shimmer in the sun which is where she got her name from

    Larchpaw- A pure black cockerel with white wingtips and long, slender legs

    Dreampaw- A splash ameraucauna pullet with blue swirls over her back and wings

    Toadpaw- A brown and white speckled cockerel with slate colored legs and a large muff and beard

    Willowpaw- A white pullet with blue and reddish colored streaks on her back and wings. She has a bright, friendly personality but is deadly in battle

    Goldenpaw- A cheerful buff colored pullet, she's a positive thinker and kind to her Clanmates which makes her popular amoung the warriors







    Mosstail- Brown and black splotched rooster, oldest rooster in ShadowClan. Is in very good shape considering his age, hears and see's good, gets around the camp fairly well. Is extreamily proud and doesn't like being an elder, he would prefer to pass and become a Shadow the continue living.

    Cindernose- Small brown and white speckled hen, recently joined the elders den. She is still a decent warrior, her knowledge of fighting is still there but she lacks the physical ability to do it now. However, if there were a battle, she would not be on the side watching.

    Rowenclaw- Large dark ginger colored hen with many battle scars. Is still a younger warrior but was forced to retire to the elders den after she lost her leg in battle. Is currently planning revenge on the bird who cost her her warrior career.

    Whiteclaw- Pure white rooster with 2 spurs on each leg, now blunt with age. Very loyal with a fiery personality. Some call him hot-headed and over-confident but he has never lost a battle. Good friends with Tanglepath.


    A neighbouring Clan to ShadowClan

    Blackstar- Halfbrother to StarryNight of WingClan. When their Ameraucana mother, SummerSky was impregned with StarryNight's egg, their Wyandotte father, DarkestNight, was killed by a mob of raccoons that found him whilst hunting. Distraught, she soon married a Thai gamecock named KnifeSpur. She laid StarryNight's egg and soon laid Blackstar's egg. StarryNight left when SummerSky felt she was old enough to make her own decisions, and Blackstar stayed. War has emotionally scarred him and hardened his heart, so he comes across as impatient, evil, and merciless. He has a small, soft and insecure spot because of his difficult life. He is tall, pitch black, and so dark that he reflects no light at all. When fighting, he is merely a black blur.

    NightProwler- Large gray rooster with paint-like spatters of black and white. He prefers to be crepescular, and some have dubbed him as the 'Vampire' because of his strange aversion to the daylight hours. Born in Hellfire.

    Medicine Chicken:
    Tigertail- Solid rufous in color with a thickly barred tail. She is of stark contrast to most of the clan, being sweet and loving. She is phenomenal with medicines, and even knows how to make poisons from her herbs. She has had this duty for many years, and is considering retiring to be an elder.

    CopperClaw- Rather stocky, and very muscular Rhode Island Red rooster. His feathers are a blood red with coppery highlights, and he has very long claws. He was born in Hellfire, has experienced many wars throughout his life, yet keeps a confident and happy carriage.

    LavendarBloom- Beautiful white mixed-breed hen with lavendar barred hackles, saddle feathers, tail, and primary wing feathers. She is FireStripe's beloved mate who convinced him to leave ThunderClan and start a family in Hellfire with her. She is mother to FireChick, Graychick, and Sootchick.

    FireStripe- Tall, sooty gray gamecock mix with a fiery orange stripe running along his back. He has long, black spurs and a short tail. Has history in Thunderclan, thus his incredible fighting abilities. He left the clan to join with Hellfire and his love.

    GoldHawk- Suprisingly short hen who is still a skilled warrior and is magnificent in battle. She is golden brown in color, with a pencilled neck, wings, and tail feathers. She has the ability of a long, sustained flight. She too was born in Hellfire, but is younger and is blessed with not having experienced war.

    BraveHeart- She was born in Hellfire clan and was once the 'teacher's pet', for lack of a better term, of Hellfire clan; being seemingly favored by ShadowStar over the others. Because of his fancy of her, he graced her with a warrior name she could wear proudly for the rest of her life; BraveHeart. Though ShadowStar has taken more of a liking to KnifeClaw nowadays, he still tends to pamper her. She is an earthy dust colored mutt hen with white mottling.

    SnowAngel- She is solid snowy white with icy blue eyes, and she has claws and a beak that are an ivory/bone in color. She is quite large, and has a partial crest. She once lived in the long, lost SnowClan, but left the clan to find warmer climate for herself. She stumbled upon Hellfire, joined, and later became mate to SlyFox.

    SlyFox- Large, red rooster with wings and tail feathers tipped in white. So named because he is very agile, quick, and sly in battle. His coloration also resembles a fox. He was born unto a family of loners, and decided as an adult to join with Hellfire. He fell in love with SnowAngel, and they became mates.

    BlackTail- Averagely-sized rooster who is a silvery-gray color with a black tail and a cruel face that has been scarred by battle. Cunning, quick-thinking, and generally very smart. He has limited experience with medicine, and helps when TigerTail cannot.

    BearPelt- Chocolate Old English game hen with a broad chest, upturned tail, and an overall very proud carriage. She is a merciless fighter, who has learned many techniques from the battles she often fought and the wars she watched. She knows some few moves from even the most legendary of clans, like Whitefire Clan and Thunder Clan.

    Oakfeather- Gorgeous dusty brown hen, with white barring on her primary wing feathers. She has little desire to stay in the clan, because she is too soft-hearted to be associated with such a cruel people. She has secretly been looking for a new clan to join, during her 'hunts'.

    EarthQuake- He used to go by the name of StoneFeather, but was dubbed 'EarthQuake' by how the ground seems to tremble under his feet. He is very big-boned, towers over most, and is very thick-skinned. He is a blue tinged gray in color and covered with small black speckles.

    BlackSnake- Merciless, and evil black Sumatra cock, who is slender in build with a very long tail, creating the illusion of a black serpent. He is not completely sane, as he allowed a horrible tragedy in his life; the loss of his love, to drive him to the brink of insanity and thus causing evil to cloud his mind. He pledged to never love again after the tragedy, and is haunted by what he believes is the ghost of her.

    DuskFeather- Small, quiet and reserved sooty gray hen with flecks of black in her tail feathers. She was born in Hellfire Clan.

    GlowingEmber- Large, black rooster with flecks of red throughout his entire body, mostly condensed to his hackle and saddle feathers. He was born a loner, found and mothered by TigerTail.

    AzureStreak- Averagely-sized slate gray hen with a dark, midnight blue streaked tail. Born and raised on a cockfighting farm, but escaped to live her own life in Hellfire Clan. Being a hen, she took no part in the fighting, but watched and learned many of their moves.

    WhipTail- Purebred Golden Duckwing Phoenix hen that was named because of her long, whip-like tail. Though she is a hen, she actually has small yet very sharp black spurs.

    TopazEyes- Averagely-sized Buff Orpington rooster with bright, seemingly shimmering topaz eyes. He too was born in Hellfire, and is mate to PoppyFlower.

    PoppyFlower- Brightly colored Buff Orpington hen, who is so vibrant that she seems to be orange rather than buff, and she has calming green eyes. Sweet, loving, and more of a firendly type than most of the clan. She is TopazEyes's mate, and mother to BrassPaw. She is a part-time broody, because she enjoys children.

    DeathFalcon- Large rooster that is chocolate brown on the bottom and black on top, and all of his feathers have emerald highlights. His eyes are a bright red. He was given his name by how dangerous he is on the battlefield, paired with how his beak and claws are nearly as sharp as a falcon's.

    CrowFeather- Very frightening hen with feathers that are jagged and black, and have highlights of Amethyst. She is mostly quiet, reserved, and more of the stoic type; but it's best not to get on her bad side. She was born in ThunderClan, but left as an adult to live in Hellfire. She just felt more comfortable here.

    AxeBeak- Small gamecock with a very sharp, eagle-like beak. So named because of his technique of hacking away at his enemies with his beak, like an axe to a tree. He is often ridiculed because of his over-confidence, but he has never once been easily defeated. Born and raised in Hellfire his whole life.

    RedRose- Small mohagany pullet with black primary feathers. Though a good fighter, she is sweet once you get to know her.

    BrassSpur- Tall brassy Buff Orpington cockerel who, despite his young age, already possesses four long spurs.

    AmberFeather- Her feathers are based with rich amber, blending into thin pencilling, thicker pencilling, then finally to solid black at her tail.

    SmogStorm- Blue tinged gray hen with black pencilling on her hackles, and twinkling silver eyes. Born in ThunderClan, wandered too far from the nest, and decided to live in Hellfire when she couldn't find her way back.

    GrayGrass- A rather stout white rooster with a thick gray band down his back, mixing into his saddle, hackles and tail with silver barring. He was born in Hellfire, and is a son to FireStripe and LavendarBloom.

    OpalGem- Large, muscular hen with bright yellow legs, a short rounded tail, and whose silky white feathers have an opaline glaze. She is very stern, has high expectations, and is rather harsh.

    FireStorm- He is snowy white like his mother, with hackles and saddle feathers touched with faint silver bars, and with a fiery stripe down his back like his father.

    SootFeather- A little hen who is a pure sooty gray, like her father's base color, but she lacks any other color except for her vivid yellow-green eyes.

    SageLeaf- A stern, often irritable senior Amber sex-link warrior of Hellfire who is white with golden neck and saddle feathers. She isn't extraordinarily beautiful, and always seems to be unhappy about something, rarely smiling, and worse yet, she occasionally gets her anger out on others. None know much of her past other than she lost her beloved mate and one of her daughters, which others speculate may be why she acts the way she does. She brought with her a daughter named Opalchick, who is now a warrior by the name of OpalGem.

    MartinFeather- A stunningly gorgeous, charming, and sometimes seductive Modern Game hen. Her lovely black plumage takes on an unusually prominent violet-blue sheen when struck by the sun's rays. Further adding to her exotic appearance, are her striking yellow eyes.

    SwordBeak- A black-tailed white Japanese bantam-Leghorn bantam cross with a huge comb and wattles. His plumage is a pearlescent white, with a solid black and beautifully fanned tail, and a somewhat lanky build. His beak is bright yellow and very sharp, hence his name.

    SwallowTail- Dusty brown with a silvery pencilled neck, this Silver Ameraucana-Silver Phoenix cross hen is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Her legs are slate-gray, and her eyes are a fiery golden-orange. Her tail is long and tapered, splitting with a scissor blade appearance in the middle. Quiet, reserved, and easy-going describe this hen's personality.

    PoisonGaze- A very tall, and somewhat bulky cock who is solid black with almost chrome-like white lacing on his long saddle and hackles. He is a Birchen Modern Game-Black Sumatra cross. He has sharp, slate gray, inward-curving spurs that adorn his long legs. He is named for his petrifying black gaze.

    JasmineBlossom- A pure white cochin hen whose feathers take on a peculiar but beautiful pink hue in low light, especially accentuated in the twilight hours. So-named by the once very generous Shadowstar because of her fluffy white plumage, and how she is 'sweeter than even the smell of Jasmine'. He was considering her as a mate when he was younger, and still treats her especially politely today.


    Blackchick- A small, black, and rather shy cockerel with a very upright tail, almost like a Japanese bantam. He wears a mask of brassy brown feathers, and his back is flecked with small streaks of chocolate brown. He retained the same calming, olive-colored eyes from his mother.

    Woodchick- An averagely-sized cheerful, bubbly, and social pullet who is chocolate brown in color with a black, muffed head, with newly-sprouting wing and tail feathers that are a solid ebony. Her eyes are a mixture of her parents' eyecolor; being rich amber in color.

    Leopardchick- A relatively large pullet who is chocolate brown with randomized patches of black down feathers mottled all over her entire body. Her eyes are bright red. She has a very charming personality, and seems to make friends wherever she goes, but she also tends to be rather manipulative.

    Thunderchick- A quiet, reserved cockerel who retained a very large, muscular figure from his father. He is taller than the rest of his brood, despite being the same age, and he is also the same color as his father, the marked differences being his strange eye color and his single comb. His eyes are bright amber with odd mottling of red.

    Goldenchick- She is a rich golden brown with flecks of white scattered across her back, and slate gray legs.

    Frostchick- She is the 'porcelain' color variety, except very, very light. Her legs are horn-colored.

    Talonchick- A little Mohogany cockerel with large patches of white and slate legs.

    Citrinechick- A fairly large white pullet with a mask of yellow-golden.


    Another nieghbouring Clan

    Emberstar- A large, young hen with red-brown lacing patterns over her dark brown feathers. She is known for not cutting a lot of slack and can be quite impatient when provoked. Despite this she likes to lead her clan with pride, even if she was chosen last minute by her dying leader on her first week of warrior-hood. Her claws are almost always razor sharp; as the hen can be a cold blooded killing machine in even the smallest of battles. She was born into HackleClan.

    Morningsun- A huge and rather gorgeous silver pencilled Plymouth Rock hen with thick, dense layers of lovely feathers. A great deputy for her clan, the former leader of TwilightClan before they merged with HackleClan.

    Medicine Chickens:
    DevilHeart- An old Buff Orpington hen who is very skilled with all sorts of medicines and herbs. Strangely enough, she is nice to most and can't stand being rude to others. She doesn't expect to retire anytime soon.

    Frozenbrook- A youthful and lovely Black tailed-white Japanese bantam hen. Her experiences with herbs go back to when she was a chick, lost in the forest due to a fox attack and had to live off the land for a day or two. Although friendly, she is skittish and dramatic; loving to be in the center of attention.

    CheetahProwl- A standard appearing Easter egger pullet who is extremely skilled in herbs and poisons, trained by DevilHeart herself. She loves to help the sick and injured and is a very kind, considerate bird.

    Slave masters:
    Bleedingheart- A giant Rhode Island Red, Rosecomb Leghorn cross with deadly spurs and claws. His strength is amazing, having the ability to fly far without fatigue, breaking bones quickly, slicing skin with his spurs, and so on. The rooster is generally loyal to his clanmates, but can be sinister and cruel to all others.

    Woolwing- A lovely white rumpless Araucana hen. She is very sweet despite her sinister attitude towards slaves. Is just as skilled as Bleedingheart.

    Ivyweaf- A beaten up, raggety hen who has a huge scar down where one of her eyes used to be. In the past, she was Daggerbeak's apprentice but was nearly killed by him because she disobeyed him. She likes to put her past behind her and think on the bright side of things.

    Salmonscale- A shiny cream white rooster with rather feathery legs and a short, beaten up tail. He is a very skilled warrior, trained by Daggerbeak himself. He can be very territorial with outsiders and newcomers, but is otherwise respectful to his clanmates.

    Ghostwing- A huge, muscular lavender hen with an unusual black comb, set of wattles, and legs. She is evil and wicked, loves to play tricks on other clans and hurt others. Her strength is amazing and should not be underestimated.

    Snowwing- A fluffy, pure white sultan hen with an amazing ability to fly for long distances. She was born into HackleClan. Like most of her friends, she's nice to her current clan mates but hates any outsiders.

    Nettlefang- A short, yet muscular and powerful black rooster with mid-length, red-green tail feathers. He is commonly considered the strongest of the clan due to his amazing abilities to kill. The rooster is cold and mean to most, usually impatient with others. Sister to the dead Metalflower and crowned leader of the patrol guards in HackleClan.

    Grassflower- A teeny, beautiful Golden Sebright hen. She is sweet and friendly to all, loves to help others, and make sure everyone is okay; which is why Emberstar chose her for her messenger. She is strong when needed in patrol forces, but generally likes to be passive.

    Summersky- A tiny silver-blue modern game fowl. She is a very sweet hen who will go out of her way to help others in need, despite her shyness. As a young chick she ran away from home.

    Eagletalon- A cruel and sinister, yet loyal buff polish rooster with a white tail and small cream colored streaks on his crest. He had a rough past that included many hawks, evil humans, and abusive parents. So he set out to find a clan suited to him as a cockeral, and he found it.

    Babblingbrook- A spunky black frizzle cochin silkie mix. Though known for being funny and friendly, she's also tough and full of stamina.

    Sapphirestone- A large blue-ish hen with unusually long hackle feathers. Her personality is shy and generous, usually not a hen who likes to be involved in fights but will go if needed. She was originally going to be a medicine hen but was forced into being a warrior by her strict mother.

    Ravenbeak- A massive, pitch black rooster with a dubbed comb and cut wattles. His beak is huge and raven-like, hence his name. Along with that, it's very strong and able to cut objects with ease. The rooster isn't really the nicest, and is normally not seen a lot in camp as he's patrolling most of the time.

    Beaverdown- An Easter egger hen with piercing yellow eyes and the usual feathering her breed posseses on hens. She's friendly and ready to help others in her clan with her outgoing and bubbly temperment.

    Clamshell- A light, cream colored hen. She is a skilled fighter and can be quite blood and battle thirsty at some points. The hen escaped from a nearby hatchery as a day old chick.

    Vulturehead- An ugly dark brown rooster with a permenantely naked head from a strange disorder he was born with. Normally shunned by others, he became very shy and close with only a few friends. He is strong and should not be messed around with, for he is capable of killing very easily.

    Leapingflight- A little happy, friendly dark brown serama rooster. He's commonly mistaken for a sparrow while flying due to his small stature and graceful flight. Although tiny, he is a good fighter and very agile. His right leg is made of a metal mixture because a fight with another warrior within WingClan, leaving him almost dead. He was once the deputy, but couldn't go on because of how long he was in the medicine den.

    Birchsong- A puny white showgirl silkie hen. Her size is not to be underestimated, for she is evil and amazingly powerful. Her personality was like this because of her abusive owners who never quite knew how to care for an animal.

    Darkflower- (Needs imformation on)

    Duckbill- A small, lanky mix breed rooster with a duck-like beak. He thinks he's huge when really, he's the smallest of his clan. This doesn't interfere with his fighter though, for he's a very skilled warrior and patrols daily.

    Wolfpelt- A handsome dark gray rooster with white fuzzy feathers on his tail and wings. His fighting is average, his legs being the strongest part of his body when engaged in battle. Known for being friendly.

    Pearlclaw- A black Australorp hen with white legs and claws. Swift, agile, and clever while killing her foe. She was once a slave, but was promoted to a warrior for loyal behavior and good strength.

    Crookedspurs- (Needs more imformation on)

    Ivoryspear- A sinister white leghorn rhode island red hen mix. Though evil, she's still respectful and friendly to others within HackleClan. Once a battery hen in a mass produced egg farm.

    Venomtail- A bearded black silkie rooster with a shiny green tail. His eyesight is very good and his body is very muscular under all of his fluff, causing him to be able to lift things much larger than him, along with allowing him to be a better warrior. Very sweet and friendly to everyone, even those who are seemingly friendly outside of his clan.

    Twilighthowl- An extememly beautiful and attractive golden campine hen, with stunning frost blue eyes. A common move she uses on her male opponents is distracting them with her beauty and flirts with them, working almost everytime just as she jumps on them and rips them to pieces with her strong legs.

    Adderstorm- A gold speckeled black rooster who posseses a long, almost vertical serama like tail. He has a large red comb that sticks straight up and lovely wattles. The rooster's eyes match with his gold specked feathers. He is very strong and often found patrolling the camp or chatting with friends at the food pile. He's considerate of other's feelings and is against the slaves in his clan.

    Oceanwave- A huge foam white frizzled cochin rooster with long, unpreportionate spurs measuring up to 5 inches. This usaully either scares his foe or makes them laugh at his misfortune, normally resulting in him usuing them. He's best friends with Vulturehead, as the two are both more shy, often shunned, and have some oddities in their appearence.

    Hollytalon- A huge Rhode Island Red hen, whose claws are a deep reddish color. Her eyes are of deep ember, and she's rather robust. She's a good swimmer and has saved a few chicks who fell into HackleClan's rushing creek in the middle of camp. She enjoys guarding the nursery. A good mother.

    Lizardskin- A gray Jungle Fowl rooster with good strength almost everywhere in his body. He's friendly and never gives up while fighting. Tortured as a chick, was rescued by DevilHeart.

    Mintwhisper- A mysterious white rooster who cannot speak for unknown reasons. Little is known about his life, but he sure is a good warrior and seems to show signs of affection with others.

    Jademoon- A lovely light blue hen with jade color eyes and legs. She is sweet, evil and kind to her clan mates and loves to use her looks to get info, but is more of a trader, and a fighter. Was at a city that is for trading, and was kidnap by a local prince. Has a crush on Nettlefang. -- miss heny

    Sappirerose- A lovely blue hen, with red eyes, she is a rare type of long tail with no name. Is sweet, sometimes evil, love to do pranks on others, talks little, when she does it is nice and long. Can hit presser points, wears wing razers, can fight super, but does not do it much. Was not from waterclan, but was raise there since a chick. -- miss heny

    Ashfall- A gorgeous, pure-bred Silver Ohiki bantam hen who comes from show-quality lines. She is soot-gray with endearing and calm lavendar-blue eyes, shimmering silver hackles, a broad, fawn-colored chest, short willow legs, and long ivory claws. She appears almost perfect altogether, with the exception of a diagonal scar along one cheek from battle. Her tail is fairly long in proportion to her body, and is slightly curved almost like the sickles of a rooster. She is very polite, respectful, brave, and very fiercely loyal. She came from ThunderClan, thus making her an experienced fighter; lived with the legendary Wanderers for a good week after their allying, lastly leaving because she thought she belonged better in a normal clan. -- BirdNut

    Brasswing- A tiny buff Silkie hen with amazingly sharp claws. Because of her smaller size she is extremely agile and can dizzy most larger chickens with her ways. Very brave.

    Thistlethorn- A beautiful and rather youthful appearing Patridge Silkie hen. She is sweet and generous, often donating things to the clan when in need. The hen is a lot stronger than she appears to be, a clever fighter.



    Abaloneshell- A friendly and sweet golden Sebright hen. She is sister to Grassflower and has had several chicks, usually going broody every spring and having a clutch of chicks. Can be a very brutal fighter to protect her clan.

    Sparrowsong- A large brown rooster with several widespread white spots and a long green tail. He has large sharpened spurs he wields as weapons and razor sharp claws. His beak grew so long it hooked and became eagle like. Fiercely loyal to his clan and never thinks about leaving. Sparrowsong is kind and sweet, a bit of a lady's man too.

    Birchbark- A huge white Leghorn rooster with farily long legs and a lean body. His comb lops to the side and along with his wattles are a bright red. Extremely muscular and strong, able to take down even the most fierce of opponents to defend his clan. His spurs, claws, and beak are deadly. Has a silly attitude and loves to make others laugh, especially the chicks. He wishes to become a father someday.

    Sunglow- A gorgeous golden Campine hen with obvious top bloodlines. Her eyes are a dark green, seeming to stare right through you wherever you go. She is a good spy, being able to keep silent for long periods of time and squeeze through small spaces. While engaged in battle she is swift and agile, though strong in the muscles. Sunglow is bold and brave in attitude, going some places many chickens around the world have feared to go.

    Leaffall- A tiny, graceful silver-blue Modern Game bantam hen. Her comb is small and mulberry in color while her eyes are a piercing orange. She is skilled in poisons and very agile. Though the hen has no upper body strength, she is so strong in the legs she can carry those far heavier with them. Talkative, friendly, and loyal.

    Wheatenfeather- A robust, muscular, and handsome wheaten Old English Game rooster who is fairly large for a bantam. He is well rounded in his fighting skills, as well as full of much stamina. He is shy and hardly ever speaks to anyone.

    Goldtail- A gigantic buff Orpington rooster with huge chest and leg muscles. His legs and claws are amazingly strong and inflict major damage during battles. A good warrior and friend.

    Rubygem- A partridge Silkie hen who closely resembles her mother, though slightly larger. She is eager in attitude and very friendly with her clanmates, though a bit territorial around strangers. Nonetheless is a good addition to HackleClan.

    Oystertalon- A pearl white standard sized Cochin frizzle rooster, his comb and wattles bright red. He is very attractive. During battles he can be rather brutal, his feathers often blood stained after the fact. Oystertalon is fairly friendly, but like most in his clan he is territorial around intruders and newcomers. As a chick he lost his parents to racoons and stumbled upon HackleClan, having Thistlethorn take him under her wing. Rubygem is his "sister".

    Brackeneyes- A huge, handsome rumpless araucana rooster with central heterochromia; so his irises are an aqua blue for the most part but the center and in a few streaks, they're a gold yellow. He is a great fighter and can puncture one's skin very easily. He's nice to his clan mates, but can't stand any newcomers. He has since stepped down from deputy-hood due to his injuries fighting ShadowClan.

    Sunsetcloud- A giant dark brown hen with many white spots spread about her body. Extremely powerful. She never lets anyone get in her way and can be sassy at times, though still loyal.

    Frogleap- A small and lanky dark brown rooster with a white head and several spots of the same color. His tail is long and green. He is agile and a good flier, his legs being the most powerful part of his body. Frogleap is a bit shy but is fairly loyal anyway.

    Honeyhive- A huge mottled red-brown hen. She is extremely strong and sinister when fighting, not ever showing any mercy. Protective of her clan and rather kind.

    Lunanight- An outgoing, motherly dark brown hen with a few tiny white speckles and a spot on one of her frosty blue eye's of the same color. She is very outgoing.

    Silvermoon- A giant brown hen with stunning silver eyes. Her spurs are quite large and used for battle very much. Silvermoon is kind to her clanmates but usually cannot stand intruders.

    Sierrapeak- A beautiful golden Sebright hen with a huge, fanned out tail. Her claws are sharpened and draw blood quickly. She's a sinister fighter and great clan member.

    Tinbeak- Sierrapeak's identical brother, despite the fact he is larger and more rooster like. Extremely strong for his size and should never be judged by his cover as he is capable of very much. Loyal to everyone ranked upwards to himself and a great rolemodel for all chicks and apprentices.

    Pepperclaw- A muscular golden Sebright rooster who is much larger than his two siblings, Tinbeak and SierraPeak. His spurs have grown out far and he is missing a wing due to a fox attack while he was only a chick. He treats this only like an obstacle and does not let it put himself behind others.

    Oceanfog- One of Emberstar's and Shadowmist's chicks. She is a large hen with blue streaked red feathers, adorned with lacing patterns. She has a small crest that pushes back from her eyes. A very good fighter like both of her parents as well as a great leader among others. Does not cut slack while around enemies.

    Phoenixtail- Is almost identical in shape and color to Oceanfog, though her tail is more red. Sweet and kind, though a good fighter at the same time. Fiercely loyal to her clan.

























































    Rainbowchick- A large chipmunk patterned chick with a sweet and kind attitude. Loves to play with her siblings and help her mother around the nursery.

    Almondchick- Is almost identical to his sister, Rainbowchick, though his Cleopatra 'eyeliner' is more pronounced and he is slightly larger. His legs are almond colored. He loves to play around in the mud.

    Furychick- Looks just like his siblings though he is the biggest in the group. Has a bit of a temper, hence his name, and loves to play fight.

    Thunderchick- Also looks identical to his siblings. Friendly even if he is very shy.

    Echochick- A little, broad chick with yellow-red down. She's very cute and friendly, even if she does try to pick fights.

    Ospreychick- One of Blackwing's chicks. His body is black with patches of white, much like an Australorp chick. He is kind and would never hurt a fly.

    Foxchick- She looks like Echochick, though a bit more red. She can be a bit sassy.

    Hellchick- He does not look like his other siblings and is instead an albino with pure white down and red eyes. Can be a little cruel around his nursery mates, but is still a good addition.

    Blisschick- Looks just like Echochick in color, just a little larger. She isn't like any of her siblings, being a bit shy and very sweet. Loves to play.

    Rainchick- Looks similar to Ospreychick, though slightly mottled in the feathers. He is very sweet.

    Meadowchick- Appears to be the same styled color as Rainchick. She is friendly, but often gets herself into trouble.

    Azurechick- A big cream colored chick with flecks of white. Her eyes are a light yellow gold, full of expression too. Can be very sassy.

    Berrychick- A huge cream colored chick with big blotches of white. She's bossy and sassy, though still very caring for her siblings.

    Oakchick- Looks just like Berrychick despite his darker legs. He loves to play in the mud and get himself into trouble.

    Hawkeyes- An extremely elderly and raggety Australorp hen who cannot hear too well. She was the leader of a now long gone clan as a young hen. But she decided to come to HackleClan after her's went downhill.

    Otterfoot- A Sultan rooster who is in good shape for his age. His history is a mystery, as he won't tell anyone what he did during his rogue days.

    Splinterleg- A huge, though very lovely crele hen with a small pea comb. Her legs are tall and her eyes are dark. She can be quite shy.

    Daisywater- A short in stature, yet very broad and muscular white laced red Cornish hen. Loyal and kind, though very sinister with those she does not care for. Strong when engaged in battle.

    Blackwing- A large mottled hen with the body shape and comb of a Dominique. Her right wing is completely black. She's a great mother, though once all of her chicks grow older she'll return back to warrior-hood.

    Sedgedust- A huge buff Orpington hen with muscles hidden under her fluffy feathers. Her eyes are kind and her claws are sharp and splintery. Very kind and would much rather be a broody than anything else.





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