The ever changing coop :-)

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  1. yadaguhtoo

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    Jun 14, 2011
    Washington State
    Well it started out as a turkey condo but , the turkeys never used it. Then we had a hen show up with 8 babies so we enclosed the bottom for a brooding area. Then a week later we had another hen show up with 7 more babies, so we enclosed the top and made them a safe place to be. This past weekend my DH made an outdoor pen so they can all have some space and dirt to scratch around in. He has named it "Chicken Manor". DH says I have gone chicken crazy.....looks to me like he is right there with me now :)
  2. Hawkeye95

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    I like it! It's really charming!
  3. kimbymarie

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    Apr 18, 2011
    Central Massachusetts
    really cool looking coop.
  4. yadaguhtoo

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    Jun 14, 2011
    Washington State
    Thank you!
    I just have to be careful the hubby doesn't build on so much that it makes it hard to clean....he forgets about that part :) He just asked me did you post a pic of the coop on BYC yet? Yep my chicken craziness is rubbing off on
  5. mestaske

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    Feb 14, 2011
    Southern Colorado
    it looks like a tree house, really cool.
  6. nightshade

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    chickens they are contagious!
  7. Hawkeye95

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    just another thought- you might want to think about painting it so that it will last longer. Also, the roof could use some kind of roofing so those boards don't rot out... but if you can't do that now, a good thick coat of paint will help it hold up to the rain, snow and elements. But I think the build- the actual coop itself and the run is just really cute!
  8. rpchris

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    Aug 27, 2011
    Saint Louis, MO
    Quote:X2. Very cute coop but I agree that OSB isn't going to hold up very long in the weather without some protection. For cheap exterior paint you can try the mis-matched paint rack at the hardware store or a partial can of used paint from someplace like the reStore. You can usually mix two wild colors (like hot pink and lime green) together to make a nice grayish color.
  9. terrilhb

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    Dec 11, 2010
    I love it. It is awesome.
  10. Phenomenon

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    Sep 17, 2011
    North Yorkshire
    Some mineral felt on the roof etc and that is one tasty coup! [​IMG]

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